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Harris Federal Video Blog Episode 5.3

Bo Harris and Kate Richardson are here to wrap up the trilogy on the Federal Disability Retirement Advantage. Going over the question “Why should I take a federal disability retirement?”, Bo and Kate highlight and recap some of the main reasons that a federal employee might choose to apply for benefits.

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody this is Bo Harris and you are watching the Harris Federal Law Firm, Video Blog, where we help federal employees understand their rights.

Today, we are back with the third installment of this series “What is the Federal Disability Retirement Advantage?”

So we have Kate with us again, so welcome back Kate.

Thank you, we are very excited today to go over the third question, “Why should I take a Federal Disability Retirement?”

The truth is that federal disability retirement is not for everyone. But it provides some of the best overall qualities for any federal employee that cannot continue to do their job on a full duty basis. It also provides some much needed security during a difficult time in someone’s career or life.

This benefit also adds to your overall retirement pension. Remember every year that you are on disability retirement counts as another credible year of federal service.

It also gives you control over whether or not you want to re-enter and when you want to re-enter the work force without someone following you around with a camera all the time.

As with any benefit program you have to qualify and prove your disability and it isn’t designed for anyone to just scam the system. However, if you are a federal employee who can no longer perform your job duties any longer, then the disability may be a good fit for you.

So we want to thank you guys for watching and staying tuned with us for this three part series. We are so happy to try to help explain “What are the advantages of Federal Disability Retirement?” Remember at Harris Federal Law Firm, it is our goal to provide federal employees all over the country with as much information as possible.

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