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Success Story – Kevin G.

Mr. Kevin G. is a 54 year old letter carrier from Chesapeake, VA. He was diagnosed by his doctor with multiple medical ailments including bipolar, severe anxiety and depression, adult attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia, dysphoria, heat stroke, and chronic pain syndrome. He was in constant pain and suffered from multiple mental disorders and as a result he became medically incapacitated without the ability to perform his essential job functions.

Harris Federal Law Firm, submitted his completed application for Federal Disability Retirement to the Office of Personnel Management in September of 2013. We are happy to report that his claim was approved by the Office of Personnel Management on his first attempt for his diagnoses. Mr. G was very ecstatic and overjoyed that he won on his first attempt. He was also happy that the claim was approved in record time of less than two months for a decision.