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What Happens When an OWCP Workers’ Compensation Case Overlaps with a Third-Party Personal Injury Claim?

Most people realize that when a federal employee is injured on the job he has the right to file a workers compensation case, but what if the injury were caused by a third party? For example; an injury in a car wreck, or a dog bite, or a slip and fall.  These injured people typically hire a local trial lawyer to assist them with their personal injury claim – but a lot of the trial lawyers know very little about how their client’s personal injury claim should interact with the federal workers compensation claim.

brad harris seminarOn Tuesday, through the miracle of modern technology, our Senior Attorney Brad Harris hosted a webinar on just that subject for the Trial Lawyers’ Associations of Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia.  The seminar taught the participating attorneys how to develop a strategy of mixing the two different cases at one time to maximize the results for their clients while being in compliance of the rules of the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (the OWCP).

Brad demonstrated various scenarios by the use of mathematical formulas in templates. But the lessons learned were not theoretical. Brad provided the templates to the attendees, making the presentation real-time interactive, and allowing the trial lawyer to see firsthand how changing one factor in the workers compensation process can favorably modify the overall outcome for the client.

The webinar was robust, with many questions from the audience, and a great success.  If Brad can similarly help your attorney, make a copy of this article and send it their way. We’d be happy to help!    

Brad has practiced law for over 30 years. What began as a small-town general practice in Texas, has since grown into a national firm representing federal workers across the country. As an industry thought leader, Brad has authored case law summaries presented at the Workers Injury Law Group annual convention in San Diego and Chicago. He has also authored various articles which were published in newsletters and on union websites regarding the rights of injured workers. His article “Watch Out for the Federal Workers’ Comp Lien against your PI case!!” has been published by several Trial Lawyer Associations across the country and he has presented on this subject at the annual conference for the Wyoming State Bar.
If you or your attorney would like to speak with someone about your OWCP workers’ compensation and third-party personal injury case, please contact Harris Federal at (877) 226-2723 or email us at mail@harrisfederal.com.