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Federal Disability Retirement Success Story – Mr. M.

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Mr. M is a former client who, after working for USPS for 27 years, suffered from a stroke, and could no longer complete his required job duties. The Harris Federal team helped him apply for and gain approval for FERS federal disability retirement benefits. This is his story:

After experiencing a stroke, Mr. M, struggled through recovery. Close to a year after returning to work, he suffered from an on-duty car accident, which exacerbated his symptoms. USPS management noted what appeared to be a decline in Mr. M’s short-term memory and his ability to retain information. He often became confused and disoriented while on duty, and after the accident, Mr. M noticed his vision worsened, and his medical condition caused him to struggle to meet deadlines and complete his work tasks. He also suffered from anxiety and insomnia.

Mr. M’s case was interesting because it was a federal disability retirement, OWCP workers’ compensation and personal injury claim. Many lawyers are unaware of how to handle personal injury claims (which are typically adjudicated at the state level) that overlap with federal workers’ compensation. Senior Attorney Brad Harris frequently offers training webinars for attorneys across the country, which outlines how to properly handle cases like this. He generally explains to participating attorneys how to develop a strategy of mixing the two cases at one time to maximize the results for the client, while complying with the rules of the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP). If you are in a similar case, have your attorney reach out to Harris Federal! Brad is happy to offer advice and help in any way he can.

In regards to federal disability retirement and OWCP federal workers’ compensation, it’s important for federal workers to understand the differences between these two programs and how their benefits overlap. Read this blog post for a brief overview of the two benefits, and how federal workers can best utilize both programs in their short-term and long-term strategies.

As for Mr. M, his federal disability retirement claim was approved in May 2015.

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