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Private Sector Feeling Impact of the Government Shutdown

privateIt’s not just federal agencies and employees who are feeling the impact of the partial government shutdown. Small business owners are as well. That’s because agencies like the Small Business Administration and Internal Revenue Service are not providing information or services.

Here is a look at what is and isn’t available for businesses:

SBA Loans and Certifications

SBA loan applications aren’t being processed, so that means those seeking business loans must wait until after the shutdown ends to find out if they’ve been approved. Owners can, however, still apply for loans.

SBA certifications aren’t being processed either. Companies hoping to get certified can’t even apply and they also can’t find out the status of a previously submitted application. Small businesses use these certifications in bidding for government and private contracts.

Government Contracting

Those companies that are already working for the government won’t be paid for their work until the government reopens. Companies that have bid on contracts and want to know the outcome could have to wait depending on whether the agency and contracting officer is working.

In certain situations, contractors are not authorized to do government-related work during the shutdown.

Certifying Employees

Employers are not able to verify that their new hires are eligible to work in the United States. The verification website, www.e-verify.gov is available for information purposes, but not for verification purposes.


Taxpayers and business owners alike are unable to reach IRS employees for information or with their questions. Phone calls to the IRS are being answered by a recording stating the service is unavailable, even the phone line for tax professionals is unavailable.

The IRS website, www.irs.gov is operating so taxpayers can make tax payments and view their account information.

Disaster Relief

Business and homeowners can apply for disaster relief and assistance through the SBA website, www.sba.gov, and www.disasterassistance.gov.