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[Insert Scary OPM Headline Here]

[Insert Scary OPM Headline Here]

You may have recently come across news stating that President Trump is looking to dismantle the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). While on the surface this may seem like an apocalyptic scenario for federal employees, the history surrounding the agency may shed...

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Federal Disability Retirement and the Shutdown

Federal Disability Retirement and the Shutdown

The partial government shutdown has lasted almost 30 days now and let’s be honest, it is a difficult time to be a federal employee. Whether you’re being forced to work without pay, or on furlough with no pay, it’s a tough time. Seemingly every day there is a new story...

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Does Stress Make You Eligible for Federal Disability Retirement?

Stress is defined by Oxford Living Dictionaries as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” It’s found in every part of life, good or bad—marriage, divorce, working with others, doctor appointment, etc. An...

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The Shutdown and Your Retirement

We are now in week 3 of the partial government shutdown. We are also in a new year, which means this time is a popular one for federal employee retirements. More than 300,000 federal employees are on furlough without the guarantee of back pay, and an additional...

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Improper CSRS Payments Labeled as ‘High-Risk’

The Office of Personnel Management’s Inspector General released a report saying that even though the overall portion is small, Civil Service Retirement System improper payments are still considered to be “high-risk”. OPM overpaid $82.9 billion to 2.6 million federal...

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Update on OPM Retirement Claims Backlog

The Office of Personnel Management Inspector General released a report that shows OPM has work to do in meeting its goals for keeping down its backlog of retirement applications. The agency has said it has a goal of improving “retirement services by reducing the...

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Federal Retirement 101—Part 1: Best Days to Retire

Do you know which days are considered “the best days to retire”? Do you know what steps you need to take to begin the retirement process? This 2-part post will first look at which days are considered to be the “best days to retire” and why and then what you need to do...

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True or False: Federal Disability Retirement Edition

Retirement is often a confusing time, especially in the federal government. Do you retire on a regular retirement, early retirement, phased retirement, or deferred retirement? Then, what happens if you are hurt or become ill and can no longer perform your job duties?...

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Large Increase in Federal Retirement Claims in FY2018

The Office of Personnel Management released data showing that the number of federal employees who filed for retirement in FY2018 increased 24% over the previous year. OPM published its retirement processing statistics and it showed that 7,142 employees filed for...

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How OPM Processes Federal Disability Retirement Claims

It’s no surprise that the Office of Personnel Management has a large backlog of retirement claims, including both regular retirement and disability retirement applications. When you submit your retirement application, you want to be 100% sure it’s complete and timely;...

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