Winners of Our ‘My Mom Is A Federal Hero’ Video Contest

May 22, 2015

If you have not done so already, please be sure to watch the videos submitted in Harris Federal’s recently concluded “My Mom Is A Federal Hero” video contest.

You can also read about our contest at the Government Executive website.

As a firm that serves federal workers throughout the U.S., Harris Federal wanted to find a way to honor the thousands of federally employed women who balance both their demanding jobs and family obligations.

With Mother’s Day and Public Servant Recognition Week falling at the same time of year, our video contest provided the perfect way to achieve that goal.

We asked children of federally employed moms from anywhere in the U.S. to submit brief videos describing why their mom was a “federal hero.” We then asked the public to vote on their favorite entries, using social media.

Winners of Video Contest

The video tribute that garnered the highest number of votes was:

  • Camryn Cross – A 12-year-old from Washington, D.C., Camryn paid tribute to her mother, Mika, a federal human resources policy strategist at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In her video, Camryn said her mom was a federal hero because “she served in the U.S. Army and now helps federal agencies support employees and working families.” Camryn’s video earned her mother a $1,000 Amazon gift card.

Our firm also gave out two $100 Amazon gift cards to our contest’s two runner-up winners:

  • Bennett Billings – The four-year-old Bennett shared that his mother, Laura, is a federal hero “because I love her.” His mother is a U.S. Postal Service clerk in Michigan.
  • Jala Morrow — The 20-year-old Jala said her mom, Agnes, is a federal hero because “she conducts experiments that ensure the waterways, sewers and plants are free of contaminants.” Her mother is a research chemist for the Army Corps of Engineers in Mississippi.

Of course, we received several other entries that featured heartfelt tributes, including:

  • Jenna Barker – A nine-year-old from Florida, Jenna said her mother is “a leader and she fights for women’s equality.” Her mom, Jacqui, serves as a public affairs specialist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division. She is also a member of Federally Employed Women.
  • Kayla Shaw – A six-year-old from California, Kayla described her mom, Sara, as being a federal hero because “she makes me feel strong and healthy and she always helps me.” Sara is an administrative support assistant at the Naval Postgraduate School.
  • Gavin Briggs – The four-year-old from California said his mom was a hero because she takes the time to “do everything” with him. Lacey is a U.S. Postal service employee.

Harris Federal Law Firm would like to extend our congratulations to our winners, and we sincerely thank all of those who participated in the contest and shared with us the reasons why their mothers are “federal heroes.”

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