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Mar 18, 2013

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Harris Federal Law Firm, started helping injured federal employees over a decade ago. Through thousands of cases and tens of thousands of conversations with federal workers, we have learned a lot about the federal employee benefit systems.. We are committed to share information, providing clarity and guidance to those navigating the often complex world of federal benefits.

Expertise in Federal Disability Retirement Benefits

We focus on representing people with their applications for Federal Disability Retirement benefits from the Office of Personnel Management. It may be the most confusing and misunderstood benefit available to federal employees, and it may also be the most significant set of benefits any injured employee is entitled to. We also understand how this benefit interacts with other federal programs like the Office of Workers Compensation Programs, the Veterans Administration, and the Social Security Administration.

Through all of this learning and understanding that we have gained, maybe the most significant thing that we have accomplished is the ability to share information with federal employees all over the country. We believe that the key to helping people is by giving away our ‘secret sauce’ recipes. Of course there is no way to bestow hundreds of thousands of hours of research in a phone call, but being able to share our experience with you, the injured or ill federal employee, is something that we think is important.

That is why we constantly strive to keep our website up to date, post blog entries, make videos, and always give FREE consultations to any federal employees who has questions. Please read and share this with you fellow federal workers. Post it to your Facebook or send your friends an email with our videos. We share this information as freely as we get it and we ask you to do the same.

Share Information & Make a Difference Together

You may not need the services of a federal disability retirement attorney, and we truly hope that you never do. But odds are that you know someone who does or will. Take advantage of the opportunity to be a helpful friend and co-worker.

Sharing these things at your union meeting or with a fellow employee can change their life, as well as yours. We understand that this takes time out of your busy day, but a few minutes passing important information to someone who may be struggling to continue to work is meaningful.

We thank you for your support and look forward to sharing even more about these subjects. We believe in meaningful work, and we need your help to make an even bigger impact on the entire federal workforce.

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