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Former Client Testimonials

Helping federal employees and veterans across the country everyday is truly our passion and we consider it an honor. When we work on someone’s case we develop a relationship with that person! This is important to us and we take it very seriously. It is such a joy for everyone in our firm to receive positive feedback from our clients. This is what we work for! Here are some of the former client testimonials we have received from clients all around the country.

I want to say thank you to all of you. Ms. Bachmeyer It was a pleasure to received all your help and support when I was suffering at work. Thank you so much. Im referring some co-workers to your firm. Thanks again, Harris Law Firm!!!!!!

I. B. – Kissemme, FL

During the very trying and hard life changing times, it is well worth hiring this firm to take care of your situation. Do not defend your health and financial well-being alone!!!They will actually talk to you, keep you informed and make your situation a much easier transition to your life’s new normal.


Harris Federal Law Family, I cannot convey how forever grateful I am in expressing my sincere gratitude to Harris Federal Law Firm. My experience with Harris Federal has been outstanding! I would like to thank the law firm for handling my two cases. That's right, two cases! Harris Federal Law Firm assisted me in gettine not just getting one OPM approval letter (in JAN. 2019) but my second OPM approval letter (in NOV. 2020)! I had both my initial and second consultations on my two cases with James Ware, Case Evaluation Specialist. James truly listened, understood, and took into consideration all the details of my case. He offered me hope, assured me I had a very good case, and that Harris would (go to bat) represent me in both cases. After working 29 years of federal service, my health conditions started to deteriorate with one diagnosis after another. I first contacted Harris Federal Law Firm in NOV, 2016. I initially received an OPM denial letter in OCT, 2017. The law firm quickly filed an appeal. In JAN, 2019, I received my OPM approval letter. I went back to work. This made my health conditions even worse. In OCT 2019, I contacted Harris Federal Law Firm again to start a second case. I was assigned to Ashley Withers, Senior Federal Disability Case Manager. Throughout the entire process, Ashley has been so awesome. She is very professional, knowledgeable, and has been supportive throughout my second case. She explained and kept me abreast of the status throughout each step of the proc€ss as she managed my case. In NOV, 2020 I received my second OPM approval letter. I would also like to thank Anna Bames for all her efforts, support, communication, and conference calls on my case. Anna is truly a team player! Again, thank you Harris Federal Law Firm for (going to bat) representing me and believing in my case. I am forever grateful to your law firm.

L.R. – Glen Burnie, MD

The Harris Federal Law Firm has saved my life with a secure income. So professional

V.G. – Staten Island, NY

I was (more than) grateful to receive OPM's approval letter of my Federal disability application on 6-6-20. I was especially grateful given that OPM's Disability Section had received my application on 5-7-20. I was wondering at the time whether my application had been assigned yet to a Medical Specialist, and was then surprised to learn that it had just been approved! I had recently watched Ashley Withers's, one of your Senior Disability Case Managers, video on YouTube explaining that OPM was in some cases making decisions much more quickly, and Ashley's video gave me special hope, considering my general understanding that OPM's review process could take many more months to complete. My experience with Harris Federal began when I had my initial consultation with James Ware, one of your Case Evaluation Specialists. James listened to all the details of my particular case, and he immediately offered me hope that I had a good case, and that Harris would represent me in my disability claim. Honestly, I had spoken with several other firms also, but I remember James feeling and expressing a solid confidence in my case, and also an empathetic understanding for my situation in general with regards to my job. And, at that time, I needed to find a mental health professional to begin treatments, and I remember James saying that I should feel that whomever I am treating with is on my side. In saying this, James made me feel that I should select a mental health professional not solely as someone who will support me in my claim, but even more so, James felt that I should select someone who I feel is really on my side, and who really wants to help me, in every respect. Largely because of James's humanistic approach to my situation, and it seemed to life in general, I made a decision to go with Harris Federal. Another personal experience with Harris Federal is when my Case Manager, Kimberly Bear, arranged a phone call with Anna Barnes, your Knowledge Management Specialist. The main purpose of the call was Anna's providing her strong recommendation that I needed to establish a reasonable amount of time in receiving treatments with my mental health professional (treatment history), before proceeding with my application. Although this would obviously extend the time frame for working on and submitting my application, I knew that what Anna said was correct and felt full confidence in her recommendation to wait several months before proceeding with my application. And, my other experience with Harris Federal was at the very beginning, with Amanda Underhill, your Accounts Manager. Amanda was very professional in explaining everything to me in order to begin working with Harris Federal. She helped me feel confident that I was making the right decision to be represented by Harris Federal. I'm sure my Case Manager, Kimberly, worked closely with your Attorney(s) and she mentioned several times about consulting with her Senior Case Manager(s) with regards to my application, and I'm sure your Medical Records team worked to obtain information from my medical providers, so thank you very much to all, and to anyone I likely missed. But, my greatest thanks of all go to Kimberly Bear, not only for all she did in working on and preparing my application (which I'm sure took significant thought, time, and effort), but even more so, in answering all of my various questions and concerns that I posed to her throughout the entire application process. Kimberly was thoughtful in responding to each of my questions, and in explaining the reasoning behind many of the answers she provided, which I especially appreciated. In fact, I learned so much about the disability application process just from the detailed and thoughtful responses that Kimberly provided to me. Kimberly also allayed any concerns that I may have had and, throughout the process, she allowed me to remain hopeful and confident that I would receive a favorable response to my application. As James did during my initial consultation, I believe Kimberly responded sensitively to all my various concerns, and she made me feel that things would be OK - and I believe offering that sort of sensitivity and degree of hope is equally as important as providing accurate and technical information to a firm's clients. And, I'm sure Kimberly coordinated all the wonderful hands that were involved in some way in preparing, reviewing, and advising on my application, and my case in general. And, as stated above, through Kimberly, I learned a lot about the disability application process, which I greatly appreciated. One of the last notes I wanted to make was when Kimberly submitted my updated medical records, as supplemental information, to OPM. When Kimberly emailed me to advise that she received email confirmation from OPM that my information was received and placed in my file, I felt very good knowing that I was working with a law firm that had such direct and immediate contacts with OPM. Again, thank you for all your firm did, and especially to Kimberly, in preparing and submitting my disability application (including some parts that I may not even be aware of), and I'm ever so grateful to have received an initial approval and in such the short time frame that I did.

S.S. – Little Neck, NY

I would like to say Thanks to Harris Federal for helping me  thru this difficult time. Your employee Kimberly Bear Has done an excellent job on personally assisting me. Also your staff is very professional.😊  I would definitely let people know that your services are much needed and greatly appreciated.🎊

D. G. – Mableton, GA

First of all I want to thank you and to Mrs. Bachmeyer for her unsurpassed professionalisms. She guided me throughout the entire process and kept me informed at all times. I wont do anything unless Mrs. Bachmeyer tells me to do so. Your team aren’t just rock stars they are Super Stars in my world. I will keep my eyes and ears open for further instructions from Mrs. Bachmeyer. Once again sir thank you.

J.D. – Katy, TX

"Thank you for your time, patience and guidance for my Federal Disability Retirement along with the services and advice given to me from the beginning to the end. Filing for Federal Disability Retirement can be very confusing especially if I had to do it by myself. I Thank God that I found Harris Federal Law Firm. After Harris Federal Law Firm began working with me on my Federal Disability Retirement Application/Case, everything was clearer and understandable. Additionally, whenever I needed a question answered, or was confused about something or just needed a ear to listen to me, they were there and emails and phone calls were promptly answered and returned. I highly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm and they will be with you every single step of the way. Thank you.

J.W. – Columbus, GA.

Harris Federal, Just over 2 ½ years ago my wife was approved for her federal disability (Summer 2017). In August we re-located to Houston, TX for my wife to have a bone marrow transplant. She received her donor cells on Sept 6 and by Sept 19 she started producing white cells on her own. She was released to go home on Dec 14, 2017. The transplant has been a complete success, she has not had any setbacks. She is off all but one med related to the transplant and that is anti-viral med. She still has follow up visits at MD Anderson every 3-6 months. All is well. I am not sure how often you hear the outcomes of people that Harris Federal Law firm assisted with their disability claim. I know for a fact if we tried to navigate the process on our own my would most likely been denied and forced to go through the appeal process while my wife’s health would continue to decline. We highly recommend Harris Federal whenever anyone asks myself or my wife. Thanks for providing a very valuable service!


Happy New Year's Eve!!! Just a quick hello & thank you for everything y'all do at Harris Federal!! Woke up this morning to a $6075.52 deposit in my account from OPM!!! I know that's not all of it but so grateful to see it!! God is sooooooo good!!! Could not have gotten thru this transition with you and the team at Harris!! GOD BLESS Y'ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (The most thankful retiree this side of the Mississippi!)

T. D. – Marshfield, MO

"I have been a Federal Employee for over 25 years and after what they said my old military injuries were further aggravated and I could no longer be a Aircraft Mechanic. And with my limitations from a Doctor my Federal Agency didn’t want me around. I did some research and found Harris Law Firm and contacted them. Thank God for that. They helped me get my Federal Employee Disability Retirement, now instead of nothing I get that till age 62 when that will roll over to actual retirement, my Agency said that was impossible and or I couldn’t get that through them. THANK YOU, THANK YOU So Much to Harris Law Firm."

B.S. – Corpus Christi, TX

“Dear Leah, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you put in on my case! Talking to you was like talking to a friend, not a lawyer. You made me feel valued as a person, not just a client. Thank you so much again and I’ll definitely recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to anyone who needs your services. God Bless & Thanks”


"I was very satisfied with the service I received from Harris Law firm, and especially my case manager Ashley Withers. When my employer explained to me that I should pursue a disability retirement, I was not sure which way to go. or even if my supervisor was telling me information that was legal. Harris law firm was highly recommended by a friend of mine who was also told he needed to medically retire.Ashley was assigned to my case, and from day one I could tell she knew what she was doing. I sent her every question I could think of and she always got answer in a timely manner. All documents I was given were sent to her, and she guided me through the process of dealing with all of that. My disability retirement was approved first go-around, and an appeal in my case was not necessary. To anyone considering disability retirement, I would highly recommend Harris Federal and to the supervisors at Harris Federal, please know Ashley Withers does a really good job, and I know she is an important part of your team, and deserves a pay raise!"

C. Y. – Alice, TX

I just wanted to reach out to ALL of the employees at Harris Federal Law Firm, and say THANK YOU !!!  This Disability process has been one of the longest and most stressful times of my life. After 5 long and painful years of working with extreme daily pain, my Doctor and I finally decided I just could NOT do the job anymore. My agency never treated me with respect or dignity throughout the 5 years of struggling to do the job as a SECURITY OFFICER. Even as I decided to seek  Federal Disability Retirement, my Agency did very little if anything to help me  throughout the process. Even as I was APPROVED for FDR, My Agency wouldn't HELP with the required paperwork for separation from the Federal Job. I was approved for LWOP in May 2018 until Dec 2018. At that point I asked to extend that LWOP until May 2019. The paperwork didn't arrive until Feb 14, 2019 and I sent it in Right away. On February 25, 2019 I was APPROVED for FEDERAL DISABILITY RETIREMENT. The case was just assigned on February 7, 2019. WOW! What a relief right!! Not so fast!!! My agency couldn't process me out until the LWOP paperwork was sent to OPM RETIREMENT in Washington. This went on and on for weeks. Finally on April 4, 2019, I was forced to contact my District Congressman James Langevin. I not only informed his office what was going on, but also informed them that I just received APPROVAL for SSDI from my Lawyer. After learning of an ANNUITY deposit going into my account the same day as speaking with them, his office told me He himself wrote a letter on my behalf. I still have yet to hear back from my Agency.  I wanted to let you ALL know I haven't forgot what you guys have done for me, I just have had to keep fighting the fight in order to receive what I deserve. ANYHOW: THANK TO EVERYONE AT HARRIS FEDERAL  FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTIONS, RANTS , AND COMPLETING THIS PROCESS IN A TRUE TO FORM ASTOUNDING FASHION! I was contacted at least 5 times prior to actually hiring you guys. I think Twice was just to talk to CAL about questions. I would personally like to thank Ashley, Cal, Rebecca, Jane, and EVERYONE at Harris federal Law Firm for an OUTSTANDING job. I will FOREVER be grateful. and continue to Place your Firms' name, experience, trust, patience, and professionalism in every reference I can. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

G.L. – East Greenwich, RI

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for your tenacity, hard work,  and skillful lawyership  in seeking a favorable outcome for us in this matter. This has been such a long protracted process during which you  appeared to be genuinely  empathetic and engaged concerning my well being  and to that end,  ensured that I was kept informed every step of the way about any new developments or questions that I may have had. I want you to know that your style of representation really helped make the difference in how I was able to get through to the  final decision, which ended favorably for us. Please keep up the excellent legal representation and I will be sure to recommend Harris Federal to anyone that I know is in need of the type of services that you offer. God bless!"

J.L. – Brandywine, MD

I want to thank you and Harris Federal Law Firm for helping me to get my FERS Disability Retirement approved. Rose, thank you again for your help, guidance, and honesty and keeping me informed always from beginning up to the end of processing. You are “Top Performer" caliber! Happy holidays to you and your family.  

A. V. – Carson, CA

Harris Federal Law Firm took my case a few weeks shy of the application deadline, answered all my questions thoroughly, and handled my filing efficiently. Ashley Withers was particularly impressive: she quickly contacted my doctors, ensured that all needed information was promptly submitted to OPM, and followed up with me regularly regarding the status of my application.  When my doctors were a little slow responding, Ashley was persistent and ensured that the process did not bog down. The day my retirement was approved, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I could not have done it without the assistance of the people at Harris Federal Law Firm: a thousand thanks to all of you! If you are a federal employee seeking expert representation during the disability retirement application process, I strongly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm--they are epic.  

D. D. – Hansville, WA

Hello Maryn, Thank you for your hard work in getting my OPM federal disability retirement benefits approved.  I appreciate your hard work and your organizations' ability to navigate a system that is so complex that I had no idea where to start.  Thank you also for the advice on applying for social security disability.  If it was not for your advice, I believe it would never have been approved. I highly recommend you and your office for those searching for FER's disability approval. I had no idea where to even start.  Your office was able to help with the paperwork and actually took over all my concerns to negotiate a system that could put me into limbo forever.  I believe that Harris Law Firm has the ability and knowledge to keep up and put your paperwork at the top of the pile. Even though it takes time, Maryn kept me informed of the status of my case. If your concern is the cost of hiring a firm to help you get an approval, don't!  Money well spent for the money I will receive.

J. H. – Parker, CO

Good afternoon Ashley, First and foremost, I want to personally thank you and everyone else at Harris Federal Law Firm for accepting my case, getting everything in order, and following through to the point that my case was finally approved after almost seventeen long months from the time I received my CSA Number. Your dedication speaks volumes about who you are as a person, and I'm sure that it is the case with the whole firm. I will definitely recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to all of my civil service friends. My only regret is not retaining the firm from the very beginning. I was under impression that my agency would support, help and guide me throughout the entire process, especially since my disability happened in the workplace and I was a senior employee with almost thirty-four years of service. I soon came to the realization that I was totally wrong. The agency that I served for many years did nothing to assist me, in fact, it was the complete opposite, they did everything they could to terminate me, which they were successful. I had nothing after thirty-four years, except for shame and ridicule. That was the second lowest time in my life, next to the passing of my mother. Thank God that I found your law firm at that point in my life. Throughout the entire process, from my injury on the job, termination, and filing for disability retirement, the people at your firm are the only ones who truly listened and actually cared about me. You have no idea how much that meant to me, especially you Ashley. You're the one who would have to listen to my rants and negativity when I was frustrated, and for that, I apologize but thank you. I can't say thank you enough. Thanks again for everything  

S. M. – Payson, UT

Ashley- My wife and I both agree that you are a gem. Once again you amaze us with your efficiency. We are so glad we found you all to help us and really, really appreciate everything you do.

K. & S. W., Prince George, VA

Thank you very much for assisting our employee, D. G., with this matter and putting together a perfect FERS disability retirement application package.  This certainly helps us and saves a lot of back and forth as employees struggle so much in trying to complete this paperwork and often times cannot do it correctly.  Kudos to you for being so thorough and efficient in submitting a perfect FERS disability retirement application package the first time! -Brett Laidler, Human Resources Specialist (Benefits/Retirement), Dept. of Veterans Affairs 

A “Thank You” from the VA

Candace, I cannot express my appreciation enough for your endless effort on my case. The courtesy and professionalism you and the rest of the Harris Federal staff exemplified were outstanding. I have highly recommended you to others and hope for nothing but the best for you and yours. Thank you!

Z. J. – Murphysboro, IL

I wanted to write to thank Harris Federal Law Firm for handling my federal disability retirement case. I especially want to thank Candace, who provided information whenever I needed it, and clearly understood my concerns and eased my worries. The cost was very reasonable and the work was very professional. I’m now retired and getting healthy again. Thank you all so very much. Great job!

G. T. – Falls Church, VA

Dear Candace, I want to thank you and Harris Federal for helping me to obtain my federal disability retirement benefits.  Being sick is no fun at all.  I never thought that I would have been in this condition.  I thank God for your help in getting me the benefits that will help to keep my head above water.  God bless you and Harris Federal for all you do to help sick federal employees to get the help they need. Much Love! :)

C. K. – Baltimore, MD, SSA

Good morning Candace, Leah, and Ashlee, I'm writing to you all and Harris Federal Law Firm. Thank you very much for everything. You all did an outstanding job in keeping up with the flow of the paperwork and the Reconsideration of the decision. I know it was a long process, but it came out to be a very good decision for me, and you won the case. Thank you for all your time, attentiveness and support for me with this issue and the case. We had a lot of emails and phone calls with questions which were always answered in a timely manner. I cannot say enough about how great Candace, Leah, Ashlee, and Harris Federal Law Firm represented me. Thank you for helping with all paperwork that was needed, signed for properly, dated and in order. Thank you for contacting my doctors and OPM for required documents and following up on the case with phone calls and emails. I will be telling other friends and family.  

J . D. – Tinker AFB, OK

Rose, I can't thank you enough for everything you did.  This takes a great weight off.

C.O. – Jackson, New Jersey

Ms. Montgomery, I want to thank you and everyone at Harris Federal Law Firm who worked diligently on my behalf to ensure that I would receive my disability benefits. After working years at my job and then suddenly being in a position where I could no longer work was devastating. When I contacted your firm, I didn’t know what to expect. But after discussing my circumstances, your firm took my case and promised to work for me all the way. I became a priority to you. I felt a sense of relief when you conveyed to me that my chances were 80% or better of winning. I knew then that I chose the right firm to fight for me. I asked how long your agency would represent me and was told ‘until we win’. We won, and I cannot thank you enough. I will recommend anyone that has a federal claim and needs assistance to contact your law firm because I know for a fact that you fought for me and you will fight for them.

D. H. – Hogansville, GA, USPS

Thank you, Harris Federal Law Firm and Candace Montgomery for all your help in getting my disability retirement approved. You always answered my calls and questions thoroughly and quickly. My advice to anyone stuck in the federal quagmire is let the professionals at Harris Federal Law Firm do it. Thank you very very much again!!!

B. S. – Safford, AZ

Maryn, I received both of your letters today and wanted to let you and your supervisors know what a phenomenal, professional job you did from start to finish. You were prompt and attentive to all of my questions and emails and I do appreciate it. I am also referring you to other Federal co-workers and hope they will choose to use Harris Federal Law Firm.

M . B. – Boulder City, NV

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that the hard work you did in helping me get Federal Disability Retirement from the Postal Service is with heartfelt appreciation. Harris Federal Law Firm is worth the time and effort. The staff was great and you made it affordable so that I would not stress while waiting. I would like to add that anytime I called, there was always someone to answer my questions. Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the entire staff for such great representation and moral support.

V. B. – Bellwood, Illinois

Thank you very much for the services you provided to me. I read as much as I could about OPM disability retirement online, but I was still pretty much lost when I called your firm. You explained the process quite clearly. I also appreciate how quickly my emails and calls were returned. I’ve already recommended Harris Federal Law Firm to several of my coworkers and will continue to do so.

W. W. – Chicago, IL

Wow, God is great!, of course, you as my representative and Harris Federal Law Firm.  I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the work you all do for the employees that require assistance in their situations.  I assure you that I will recommend your firm Harris Federal Law Firm to others and to trust the system, especially your office! I assure you,  I will always consult your office FIRST if I ever need any additional assistance regarding any legal advice as well as representation.  Once again, thank you for the excellent service you have provided me. God Bless!

D. C. M. – San Antonio, TX

I would highly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to anyone who is a federal employee and in need of legal assistance.  They listen, are kind and caring, and have experience. I applied for my disability retirement in August 2016 and I got approved in Jan. 2018.  My case manager called me to inform me right away when she knew the result.  Thank you so much to Candace and your great team.  Candace helped me through the application process step by step and always answered my calls and emails promptly.  Without your help, I really didn't know how to deal with the situation. I am happy and thankful to have you to be my representative. And I certainly made the right choice. Dear Candace, thank you so much for your call to let me know the status of my case.  I just received the approved letter for my retirement today.  I have been struggling for that and now I finally got it done!  You have done a great job and I appreciate you and your team’s hard work! Thank you so much for your help!

A. T. – San Francisco, CA

I would like to take this time to share my experience with your Law Firm. I contacted Harris Federal Law Firm a year ago when I received a non-approval disability reconsideration letter back from OPM. Starting from day one Harris Federal Law Firm made me feel like they had everything under control with reapplying for approval. Once Harris gathered all the info they needed from me, their great staff went to work and submitted an outstanding reconsideration package on my behalf. One year later I received my letter from OPM saying I was approved for disability retirement. All thanks go out to Harris Federal Law Firm and the great staff that handle my stressful needs. Thanks.

B. H. – Stafford, VA

Hi Candace, Thank you for all of your help. Couldn’t have done it without you. Merry Christmas.

A. E. – Vista, CA

If you are a federal employee and considering applying for disability retirement, I strongly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm.  I was recently approved for disability retirement and I thank Harris Federal for their assistance.  They have a very knowledgeable, experienced and professional team.  This made all the difference in getting my application approved.  Thanks!     

M. V. – Laredo, TX

Hiring Harris Federal was the best decision I made as I worked through the federal disability process.  I was trying to handle the process myself and I was getting nowhere and was getting more stressed, which is the last thing I needed in my condition.  I felt like I was spending half of each therapy session trying to get the doctor to fill out my paperwork or at least understand the process.  Once I hired Harris Federal everything changed.  Suddenly my medical providers were much more helpful and responsive.  I learned that medical providers are much more likely to respond to a request from a law office than directly from the patient.  Once Harris Federal took over the filing process my stress level subsided and I was able to focus on therapy instead of begging to get paperwork filled out. Harris Federal is helpful, professional, timely, and understanding.  The very reasonable fee I paid is some of the best money I have ever spent.  I would work with them again if I needed their assistance, they have earned my trust!

D. T. – Woodbridge, VA

Candace, I want to thank you again for helping us in this LONG and FRUSTRATING process. I only had to deal with it for myself, you deal with it every day for so many people. I really do appreciate how you made sure everything was done how it should be done. I know I could not have gone through this without your assistance and reassurance when I needed it. Thank you so much!

S. H. – Livingston, TX

Thank you for representing me in my medical disability claim. It was very important to have a firm like yours stand behind me at this critical time in my life. Customer service is extremely important to me and with that being said, I want to thank Meredith Hager for answering all of my many questions without a hint that I was disturbing her. I also want to thank Rose Still who took over Meredith's position. I never felt left alone and was always informed on the status of my case. Both ladies were very professional and knowledgeable on all topics I presented them. Again, thanks for the great line of communication and the competent staff. I will gladly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to anyone who is seeking professional representation for a medical disability.

K. R. – Harvey, LA

Candace, I just what to say thank you for your professional knowledge, understanding and helping regular people like me!    

D. H. – Patrick Air Force Base, FL

You're the best. . . and I've always enjoyed your even-keeled approach to all that we have done over the past year.

B. G. – Portsmouth, RI

I just wanted to say thank you again! I regularly wake up and count my blessings; you are one of those blessings helping me as you are.

M. L. – San Antonio, TX

I would like to express my gratitude to the Harris Federal Law Firm for a job well done! In December of 2015, I decided to apply for federal disability due to my worsening condition from job-related injuries back in 2006. I contacted a few Federal Law Firms in regards to my condition, and Federal disability, but wasn't that pleased. Finally, I reached out to Harris Federal Law Firm! The first person I spoke to was Mr. Ferguson. He was taking my info. I was so amazed by his professionalism and knowledge that I decided to hire Harris Federal Law Firm! From that day on I was introduced to my case manager Meredith Hager, she was and still is a God Send to me! Meredith was working with me every step of the way from the beginning to the end; she was my inspiration. I was emotional especially at the end, but she was always supportive, understanding and caring because I didn't know what decision was going to come from OPM. And then there it was! Meredith called me and said I was approved! When she told that over the phone she was so happy for me. That made it seem like she was my other half on the other end of the phone. Thank you again Harris Federal Law Firm and thank you again Meredith for your hard work! May God bless you and let it be a green light on your path always.  

Former Federal Employee – Kew Gardens, NY

Dear Harris Federal Team and Meredith Hager, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you have done for me with my approval for Disability Retirement. From the first day to the last, you have been there willing to answer my questions, and always putting my mind at ease during a very stressful, and uncertain time. If there are any Federal Employees considering their options, please reach out to Harris Federal Law Firm and you will not be disappointed. They are willing to answer any of your questions, have payment plans that are affordable when you don't know what you're going to do. Meredith is simply the best and is willing to make sure all your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner. I thank you again for guiding me through this process so I can move on with a new phase of my life, and I'm so grateful you all were in my corner to the end. Sincerely W. J. H.

W. J. H. – Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ – retired BOP

I will always love you, Harris Federal Law Firm, and all the others that carried me when I couldn't see in the storm.

G. D. B. – Missouri City, TX

Harris Federal Law Firm has cleared the fog for me and I now have a compass heading for my life, they are wonderful folks.

J. S. – Anchor Point, AK

Dear Meredith Hager and Harris Federal Law Firm, I wanted to write and let you know how much I appreciate all the work you have done to get my Federal Disability Retirement approval from OPM. I had a co-worker who did this on her own and it was over a year until OPM approved hers. It took you less than 5 months to get mine approved! My phone calls were always answered or returned. Thanks again!

S. S. – Butler, KY

Thank you for ALL your help and support.  I knew you would be the one to get us over this hurdle and it is a HUGE relief to both of us.

D. T. – Terrell, TX

To Candace Montgomery and everyone at Harris Federal Law Firm- I would like to thank you for your service and time in helping me secure my federal retirement disability. You have been there for me from the very first initial phone call and still there for me. You made the process extremely easy for me and took all of the worries off of me. The easy monthly payments made it affordable for me too. Your success in my case has made a huge impact on my future and the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough! I have passed your contact information along to my fellow co-workers at the post office in hopes that someone will call you if they need help. Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D. C. – Jacksonville, NC

I would like to share my appreciation to your law firm. I thought I was all alone when trying to deal with the bureaucracy of being an injured employee. I tried to handle things by myself but continued to get the runaround. When I was down and felt defeated, Harris Federal picked me up and took over. It started with the initial call to Chandra. She was so bubbly and respectful during our conversation. Then I received a call from Cal to talk about my case and to see what my chances would be. He was very knowledgeable, well spoken and easy to talk to. He never rushed our conversation and made me feel very comfortable. Lastly, I was given Candace as my case manager. Thank you for assigning her my case. She was also very knowledgeable. She was very compassionate and emphatic to my situation. I was very impressed with her work ethic and drive. I definitely felt like I was in great hands. Mr. Harris you have a terrific team. I am so glad I was referred to you. The best advice I have gotten in a long time, hands down. Thank you so much!

J. M. – Allenton, WI

Harris Federal Law Firm and Candace Montgomery deserve an eleven on a ten scale for excellent legal work and kind service. Upon calling Harris Federal I received speedy attention and excellent guidance from Cal. I had further questions and spoke to Cal several times. I was not charged even after several advice consultations. Once I retained Harris Federal, I spoke to Candace Montgomery and instantly knew she was thorough. Candace genuinely cared for my case, my situation, and was lightening fast in processing my case. I remember contacting Candace on at least five occasions where immediate attention or advice for my case was needed. She immediately took care of whatever the need was while managing her daily tasks and other clients. Candace has a high level of emotional intelligence to include being able to multi-task expertly. I was awarded an OPM disability approval after seven and half months. This included a denial in the first stage, and the denial was not due to Harris Federal or Candace. The denial was simply an inconsistency that exists in the government and OPM in this case. However, Harris Federal was on top of the situation and quickly sent my case to reconsideration. My case was approved approximately ten weeks later. Candace kept me motivated with pep talks and advising me with healthy expectations. She is too busy to take this type of conversation time, however, she did and that is why she is the best. Harris Federal employs Candace like individuals to be the best and serve federal employees who serve their country, become injured/ill, and are deserving of this benefit. Ashlee Cartmell deserves kudos as well. Ashlee assisted me with medical records and sage advice each and every instance I emailed or called her. Additionally, Chandra was kind so many times I called the general office number to speak with anyone at Harris Federal. This goes to show the type of team collaboration at Harris Federal. Simply put, if you are a federal employee needing disability retirement look no further than Harris Federal Law Firm. They get the job done, actually answer your calls, take the time to just talk, and are lightening fast. I will always refer Harris Federal Law Firm.

M. E. – Chantilly, VA

I just want to write a quick note of thank you and gratitude to the truly professional individuals at Harris Federal Law Firm, for the fine job you did in representing me in my disability retirement case. My special thanks to Ms. Anna Barnes and Ms, Candace Montgomery for all the hard work you did on taking care of a truly Disabled American Veteran (DAV). What a great team of professionals that get the job done and take care of their client providing proper support and guidance. After speaking with you in June, I felt that you understood me and what I was trying to accomplish and you did that and more. You assured me with your confidence that you could help me win my case, and you did just that. Employees need to understand sometimes it's better to place this type of case into professional hands and just be at ease and without the stress of dealing with HR and employers. My case took 11 months but it was worth the wait and the final results were just great! Once again BIG THANKS!!

J. C. V. – Jacksonville, FL

They [Harris Federal Law Firm] completed my application in a timely and professional manner. They helped me through this process and always asked if I had any questions and gave me prompt answers when I did have questions. The staff was very helpful. My case manager Candace Montgomery was very professional and well-informed in the application process. I hope the best for her! If I had to do it again, I would use harris Federal Law Firm without hesitation. Thank you again!

M. V. – Johnstown, CO

I really am thankful for your help through all of this. I know it's your job, but I also sense that you care and I appreciate that.

B. L. – Stafford, VA

First of all, my case would not have gone through without Meredith, Anna, and Leah's assistance. The application process was smooth. Harris Federal Law Firm returned phone calls and emails promptly and maintained good communication throughout the entire process. They responded to OPM when there were barriers placed in my case, and sent paperwork to OPM quickly. Basic processes of the case were explained and we had three-way conversations with OPM. They emphasized that whenever I heard from OPM, I needed to contact my case manager. Leah jumped in when OPM tried to deny my case on two separate occasions. They relieved my anxiety by keeping me informed at every step of the process. This case would never have gone through if I didn't have all you do what you did. If I would've done this on my own, my case would've been thrown out because of my lack of knowledge with OPM's process and barriers. Once again, thank you very much.

J. B. – Mt. Olive, NC

Thank you for all your hard work! I am forever grateful to you and your law firm for helping me get through this!

J. T. – Austin, TX

Meredith, I love working with you. You seem to be right on top of things. To me an indication you are extremely good at your job. Valuable information for those of us that don't really understand the process.

C. S. – Martin, MI

Dear Meredith Hager / Harris Federal Law Firm: Thank you for the tremendous work in completing my Disability Retirement Application. What seemed to be an eternity in my time frame was put at ease through your confidence, knowledge, and expertise. I, like many people, would never expect that an illness/injury would end my United States Postal Service career. Although I have gone undiagnosed for several years as Doctors were puzzled with my symptoms, which was finally diagnosed in mid-2015 as Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, an overlap of autoimmune diseases. I worked until I could no longer bare the pain, fatigue, and the illness itself. I was left wondering what to do next as I knew my position with the USPS would be short lived, because of my excessive absenteeism and inability to perform most of the job requirements. Fear set in as I realized that my only option would be to apply for Medical Disability. Once I received the packet I was left clueless as to how to complete the forms and after reading posts from other who applied without legal representation, I was afraid to apply on my own. I sought out several law firms to inquire about the process which was overwhelming. I became even more discouraged and confused. At this point, I thought I would just resign and take my losses. I made one last phone call to Harris Federal Law Firm before acting on the decision to resign. I spoke to Cal Ferguson who provided so much information and thoroughly answered my questions. Cal was able to establish a rapport with me through his confidence that Harris Federal Law Firm would fight to the end to receive an OPM Disability Retirement approval on my behalf. After hiring Harris Federal Law Firm to represent me Meredith Hager was my assigned disability case manager. Meredith became my first point of contact for all of my questions and concerns and always kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. She assured me that things would work out in my favor and she was RIGHT! June 28, 2016, OPM approved my medical disability. The compassion exhibited goes well beyond what can be said or written to give you a heartfelt thank you for making the process as smooth as possible. I recommend any federal employee in need of reputable representation to contact Harris Federal Law Firm. I did and am extremely grateful for the support and guidance I received.  

K. W. – Camden, NJ

I just wanted to thank you and Harris Law Firm for all of your assistance with my Federal Disability Retirement. You were always there for me to ask questions or to help with my concerns. You handling this for me caused me less worry and less anxiety. I am amazed that this went through the first time, but it just further proves that you guys know what you are doing and are extremely good at it. I feel Harris Law Firm was always kind and considerate of my dilemma, always explained things simply, and were always down-to-earth people. You acted on my behalf promptly and efficiently. Furthermore, if I have questions in regards to this in the future, I can contact you for advise. Thank you so much!

T. B. – Johnston, IA

Through working and training hard we seldom think about the possibility or need of a medical retirement in the federal government.  During the unknown and the long process of applying for a medical retirement, I felt reassured by the experience Harris Federal has.  My case manager was experienced and answered my concerns promptly.  Thank you for a job well done!

B.T. – Miami, FL

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in getting my medical retirement approved. Hiring Harris Federal Law Firm was the smartest thing I ever did. I would recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to any one who is trying to get federal medical retirement.   Thank you again!

L.D. – Reno, NV

I just wanted to say thank you for your help on my case.  I could not have done it without you.

C.C. – Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Harris Federal for helping me through the disability retirement process.  I felt like I was in good hands from the very first intake call.  I felt the communication throughout the entire process was outstanding! I have spoken highly about Harris Federal and have referred a few of my coworkers in similar circumstances. I know for sure that two of them have retained Harris Federal and are happy with the service so far.

D.E. – Reston, VA

To all the staff at the Harris Federal Law Firm, I would just like to say thank you for guiding me and assisting me this past year & half, through this most painful, worrisome and terrible time in my life. Thank you for taking the time to answer my phone calls and questions when no one else really cared. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you again to all, be well and God Bless.

K.M. – Long Beach, NY

I appreciate all of the help, I really do. It's like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

B.P. – New Castle, PA

I want to thank all of those who worked on my case at Harris Federal. Immediately you are greeted and treated wonderfully by Chandra the receptionist. My case was handled by Harris Federal Case Manager Meredith Hager and I was amazed at the speed, accuracy and grace that my case was handled. I hired Harris Federal in late March of 2015, and by late August I was approved. I would highly recommend Harris Federal to anyone wishing to file for FERS disability. I was tired of being turned down all the time even on my FMLA for little stuff, so I did not want all the hassle of filing my disability. Harris Federal made it so easy. I am thankful that I hired them to handle my case. I cannot believe how smooth and calm this whole experience was. Thank you Harris Federal for making my disability case stress free and such a success.  

D.F. – West Baden Springs, IN

My experience with HF has been outstanding. The first interaction with HF was the initial (free) consultation with Mr. Ferguson… He was extremely knowledgeable, provided very specific answers to my many questions, made me feel at ease, and very importantly he never rushed the conversation, rather gave me as much of his time as I needed. That conversation made it easy for me to decide to go with HF. My case manager… was simply awesome! She was always proactive, provided impeccable guidance and advice throughout the process, responded promptly to all of my inquiries, did an incredible amount of communication/interaction with my numerous health care providers so that all the paperwork could be filled out in the best possible way. I never worried about the process - she had everything under control at all times and she conducted everything with so much confidence and expertise. Even though I was aware that this process could take a long time, it took only 9 months from my initial conversation with Mr. Ferguson to me receiving the OPM approval letter. I could not be happier with how my case was handled by the HF law firm. I am profoundly grateful to HF not only for the outcome of my application, but just as much for the manner in which they worked with me - focused and confident, yet pleasant and respectful. I would absolutely recommend HF to any federal employee in need of legal assistance.

T. P. – Stone Mountain, GA

I was given good service from Harris Federal. Even when I was wanting things to happen faster than it was going, it was not them it was the Post Office. They were patient with me and explained how everything worked when I was getting impatient. I would’ve never known all the things to do. It took a lot of pressure off my shoulders when they did it for me and told me what I needed to do. Postmaster had told me I would not get the disability retirement. She admitted to me when I did get the disability retirement, she never thought I would get it that fast. Other retired office personal said they never saw it go that fast. I would recommend Harris Federal to anyone and I already have. Thank you Harris Federal for all you did.

K.T. – Lovespark, IL

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to be your client. I had a feeling that ever since the first intake phone call, I had a very good chance of earning me Federal Disability Retirement. The relationship I have had with your firm was very positive and professional. Not to mention your excellent reputation and fees.

B. H. – Mount Vernon, NY

It’s is a crime the way federal employees are treated by their own HR offices.  The road blocks thrown up and total lack of communication between employee and HR is a bafflement beyond belief.   After my forth back surgery since 2010 I found I was unable to perform most of the duties required of my job.  Realizing that I was on the road to being dismissed I tried for a reasonable accommodation, of which I was denied by my previous supervisor.  I asked a supervisor I respected about the process of a medical retirement and I was shocked to find out he had no information and had me call the HR office. I called and was met with no phone calls returned, and no e-mails answered.  After weeks of constant calling, I finally got a call back and was told I had to fill out an immediate retirement request.  When I received the form it was a very bad copy of a copy.  I read though it and had questions as I saw nothing that pertained to a medical retirement.  Going through the cycle of non-returned phone calls and e-mails I was blessed to have a new supervisor, which cared, hired full time in my unit.  I approached the new supervisor and explained my situation.  She called and got about the same run around as I was given.  Fortunately she had remembered a federal retirement firm she went to a seminar for, and handed me his card.  Making contact with him, we discussed my situation and he recommended me to the Harris Federal Law Firm. It was mid April 2014 when I called Harris Federal, and they accepted me as a client.  I was totally blown away by the timely, courteous, and sincere concern with my case.  Mrs. Richardson took over my account after the previous counselor had moved on.  It was seamless.  I was given all the required forms to fill out.  I was told what documentation I needed to send in.  While the medical retirement package was being built, I was contacted at least weekly to update me on progress.  All my phone calls and e-mails were answered promptly and courteously as I was never made to feel that I could not call any time with questions.  My supervisor was told by the HR rep that processed the package to OPM that mine was the most complete and organized one she had ever seen.  It felt like an eternity but it was actually six and a half months from first phone call to notification of my retirement request was accepted.  Oct 31 2014 I was retired.  There is absolutely no way I could have done this on my own.  It was the best money I have ever spent.  My eternal gratitude goes out to Mrs. Richardson and the rest of the Harris Federal Law Firm.

M.S.B. – Hampton, GA

I wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for which your firm, and especially you, handled my application for early medical retirement from the government.  I was so worried, despondent, and running out of savings on which to live. I'd been waiting a year and 5 months and was not making any progress on my own. Your firm specializing and flat fee for representation, plus my paying for any records needed, was so reasonable I couldn't believe it. Your expeditiously taking care of me and my reconsideration request was phenomenal. The only regret I have is not contacting your firm from the beginning. My entire future was in your hands and, in under two weeks, my living my life in constant worry was gone. You got me the money I deserved within days. Ms. Richardson was so very patient with me. My disorder is very hard for most people to deal with, but she kept me informed and gave me understanding and support. Those are things that are not required, but acts that are over and above professionalism. They are acts of treating someone with empathy, in which the way they'd want to be treated. My results were quick, positive, professional, respectable, personable, and so reasonably priced. I'd like to add a very heartfelt thank you to Ms. Richardson. She was supportive, kind, and professional. Despite the fact that my case was during the Thanksgiving holidays, that did not deter her from working on my case. In short, Ms. Richardson and your firm changed my life. The entire world has been lifted off of my shoulders. Y'all gave me my life back.

S.L. – Fairhope, AL

I attempted to file my disability retirement application on my own in 2010. Little did I know that my agency within the Department of Homeland Security could hold up the application at every turn. They failed to file required forms to OPM and would not even reply to written requests from OPM. After being contacted by OPM numerous times about the issue, I contacted the Harris Federal Law Firm. From the time I made my initial inquiry to the time my application was approved I was kept in the loop with almost weekly emails or telephone calls. If I made any inquiries, I was contacted within the same business day and the staff of Harris Federal Law Firm was willing to answer my questions in detail. I never would have been able to navigate the OPM application on my own. It took nearly four years of reconsiderations and resubmitting documents, but the Harris Federal Law Firm persevered and in the end got my application approved. I would recommend the Harris Federal Law Firm to any Federal employee who is going to file an application for disability retirement. Whether it takes months or in my case four years the legal fee is money well spent for peace of mind and excellent service.

B. D. – Brick, NJ

To Leah, Kate, Brad and Everyone at Harris Federal Law Firm, thank you for all your support and your kindness and especially being there for me and my Family. I know this was a long road and the Harris Federal Law Firm was there to support us through our journey, and the good folks at Harris Federal Law Firm, provided outstanding support and great customer service throughout this process. This is not an easy process to go through but it sure is a lot easier with the Folks at Harris Federal Law, that saw everything through and never gave up. This is the type of law firm that ranks number 1 and fights for your benefits that a person earned. Imagine that a person has to fight for what they earned and Harris Federal Law was there, from the beginning to the end.

B.R. – Painesville, OH

I am very grateful for Harris Federal's professional services and support during the past 27 months, particularly given my chronic pain levels and resulting chronic health issues. Now I can focus more time and energy, albeit more limited, to best prepare myself for my next careers.

W.S. – Atlanta, GA

I want to first of all thank Kate and all those who assisted in getting my federal disability retirement benefits approved. Not only approved, but approved the first time through. Throughout this process, my wife and I have said many times that we were so glad that I did not try to handle this myself. With all the medical records and forms that needed to be completed, I just know that it would have been very difficult to get everything right. Thank you very much for your hard work and keeping me informed through the entire process. I would recommend to anyone going through this process not to do it on their own. Instead, allow a team that is trained and has proven themselves to work for them. They don’t need to look further than the Harris Federal Law Firm and if they happen to get Kate Richardson, then you’ve got one of the best! I know I couldn't have done this without your help! Once again, thank you all for the great job.

W.D. – Metamora, OH

As you well know, as MW.’s father and representative, I provided much of the research and paperwork from which your staff so ably argued his appeal and secured OPM approval of his disability. After my initial contact with Mr. Bo Harris, my main contacts were Kate Richardson, Amber Schalk, and Ally, as well as Mr. Grant Ostrander, all of whom were not only helpful, but sympathetic beyond mere courtesy. I not only would, but already have, recommended your representation services to a former colleague. I would recommend to any applicant, particularly one with as many years of exemplary Federal Service as my son had, not to risk applying without a complete assemblage of required records, and to engage... legal advice from the start, such as that provided by Harris Federal Law.

R.W. – Arlington, VA

Hello, my name is Robert and I served 7 years in the Military and another 19 years for the Agency (We Serve). Over the years, my disabilities from the Military became more debilitating and aggravated by the Agency (We Serve). Several of my doctors recommended that I should file for Disability Retirement. After filing for Disability Retirement from the Agency (We Serve), I had received a denial letter 7 months later. I can't put in words how I felt, but then a friend that was in the same situation I was in, had told me about Harris Federal Law Firm which he heard about through different blogs. Everyone he had contacted on the blogs about Harris Federal Law Firm had nothing but good things to say about them and some wished that they had used Harris Federal Law Firm from the start. I had told my story to anyone who would listen (Coworkers, Friends, and Veterans) and I highly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to anyone who may need legal representation. I had received your letter the other day, and once again, I want to thank Harris Federal Law Firm for a job well done. Through this process, there were times I was a little hard to bear because I was going through and dealing with a lot and Harris Federal was my salvation. Harris Federal Law Firm has lived up to their reputation. I regret not using Harris Federal Law Firm when I first started my process of Disability Retirement. Kate, you are a class act!! Thank you!!

R.J. – Harrisburg, NC

I want to offer my thanks to your law firm in helping me to get my federal disability retirement.  I was getting to the point that I didn’t know how much more I could handle in my daily life when I received the letter from OPM.  I had just mentioned to my husband that I know the Lord will only give you what you can handle, but how much am I supposed to take?  I am having some major sinus issues involving surgical procedures and I’ve had complications as well from the sinus surgery on top of the disability problems.  I have only been able to work about 3 weeks total since November of last year because of the different health problems, so I was very glad to receive the approval letter from OPM.

R.W. – Center, TX

I am elated to learn of approval of my OPM Disability Retirement Annuity Benefits Claim. I commend you, Kate and the entire staff of Harris Federal Law Firm for your dedication... and guiding me through this often difficult time & process. You are all true mission believing and orientated professionals whom I am sincerely thankful for! Mr. Brad Harris Attorney, Ms. Brooke Harris. It is with sincere thanks and complete heartfelt gratitude which I commend Harris Federal Law Firm on the outstanding, dedicated to “The Mission”, expedient, professional, personalized work in which your firm has provided me from start to finish, in obtaining on my behalf an expedient FERS Disability Retirement Benefits Annuity Retirement Claim. Additionally for what your law firm does on a daily basis on behalf of those eligible, qualified and in dire need of Disability Benefits! After 11 + years of Full time service in the “War on Terrorism” at The U.S, Department of Homeland Security, TSA Newark, NJ, I found myself with multiple chronic medical conditions and nowhere to turn as executing my mission became increasingly difficult as I wrestled with severe multiple health conditions. After only 5 months and 2 days from the date I went into a contract with Harris Federal Law Firm, I was approved for U.S. OPM Disability Retirement Benefits, 26 December 2013! I commend the total and complete professionalism & dedication of Harris Federal Law Firm in particular Ms. Anna Abshere, Ms. Kate Richardson and Harris Federal’s Intake Specialist Cal Ferguson, for their outstanding work on behalf of those in dire need!

R.S. – Staten Island, NY US Supervisory Federal Officer

Anna, I just wanted to say thanks for the job you did and Harris Law Firm. At times I got impatient and was worried that things would not go through. However, you were very calming, reassuring and knowledgeable in your responses to me. It helped a lot. Again, thanks!

P.A. – Lexington, KY USPS

Making the decision to apply for disability retirement from my government position was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made! When I made that decision, many people advised me that there was no need to hire an attorney because I could submit all the necessary paperwork myself. That may have been true, but I truly believe that without your guidance... the outcome of my case would have been very different!   Due to your vast knowledge of the requirements to qualify for disability retirement, I was able to obtain the information from my medical providers in a format that was clearly documented to provide the information needed by OPM to support my claim. Something I would never have been able to do on my own. Filing for disability retirement was also an extremely stressful experience.  The process takes so long that it’s impossible not to become discouraged upon occasion. I appreciate that you were always willing to answer questions and calm my fears.  Your emotional support was valuable to me. I want to thank you for everything!  I would recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to anyone planning to file a claim for disability retirement from federal service.

P.G. – Ocala, FL VA Medical Center

Thank you so much for your deeply felt congratulations. I really very much appreciate your perseverance and your dedication to help your clients and successfully see them through. I would surely recommend Harris Federal Law Firm to my friends and to those who need help.

N. E. – Monterey, CA

Marcus: Thank you for your assistance and guidance in the FERS Retirement process.  Although I am an HR professional, I was not prepared to navigate all the paperwork associated with a federal disability retirement.  Your knowledge... and advice certainly made me feel more confident in my case and also prepared me for the possible long wait for approval. I truly believe that the primary reason my OPM approval came within one month was due to your experience and proactive monitoring of the paperwork required. Your knowledge of the FERS Disability process certainly went a long way in easing my doubts. Your constant monitoring of my case and keeping me informed of my case status was very comforting. The process does require quite a few documents and not all are self explanatory, which only makes the process more daunting to an applicant, even one with my experience. You have been very supportive and extremely helpful during my entire case from start to finish. I can freely say that I will recommend your firm to anyone in a similar situation and am happy to share my praise in your online advertising.

N.S. – Stafford, VA Marine Corp

Thank you Harris Federal!! All of this wouldn't have happened without your representation because having your backing has made all of the difference. I should have called Harris Federal several years back to represent me for an EEO situation which I chose to do on my own because I had no idea that I needed legal representation to win. Seriously, I am so thankful for Harris Federal and the high integrity of the employees. I will also spread the word as I talk to my postal friends. You might want to send me some more of your business cards!

M.D. – Rockford, IL USPS

I found the Harris Federal Law Firm online and took a blind leap of faith in contacting them and utilizing their services. They did an excellent job in assisting me and obtained Federal Disability for me in only 9 months. I found them to always be professional, proactive and responsive to my case. After suffering from a back injury and undergoing 2 spinal surgeries, I felt as though the Letter Carriers Union totally abandoned me and offered neither suggestions nor alternatives (after years of paying what totaled over $10,000 in Union dues during my employment). The Harris Federal Law Firm gave me more information in a 10 minute phone call than the Union Representative offered in 5 years. I would highly recommend this firm to any of my fellow federal employees who find themselves in a similar predicament and feel they need help. The Harris Federal Law Firm did an excellent job.

L.T. – Hialeah, FL USPS

I just want to thank everyone for all the time and help you gave me. From the very first phone call, Devon and Cal made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Marcus was great as well! He was so helpful, patient and kind during my retirement process. Marcus made the process so much easier. Thank you so much for helping me get my disability retirement and giving me my life back! 5 stars to all! I have given your info to several people!

K.B. – Lowell, AR USPS

I would like to thank the Harris Federal Law Firm for helping me with my Disability Retirement case.  I was approved and could not be happier.  I would like to thank my case manager Marcus Taylor for all he did to help me.  He was always available to answer my questions and made a difficult time much easier to get through.

K. G. – Melvindale, MI Social Security Administration

I am writing this review to praise the staff at Harris Federal Law Firm, specifically, Anna Abshere and Kate Richardson.  In March 2013, I resigned from the United States Border Patrol, after ten wonderful years of service.  I made this decision because my disability was becoming too overwhelming for me to safely perform all the job duties of Border Patrol Agents. I actually resigned prior to learning of Harris Federal Law Firm and the fact that I may have a legitimate Federal Disability Case.  From the first phone call I made to the firm, I felt like the staff at Harris Federal had my best interest as their priority.  I was impressed with the thorough line of background questions they asked me to establish whether or not I had a solid chance of qualifying for Federal Disability Retirement.  Ever since that day, the process has been smooth and eventually my case was approved!  In total, the process took approximately 10 months.  At times I grew impatient and pestered my case manager, Anna Abshere but she always remained professional and understanding. A heartfelt thank you to Anna and all the staff from Harris Federal Law Firm that contributed to my approval!

J. W. – Santee, CA United States Border Patrol

Ms. McKinney, thank you again for your patience, thoroughness and excellent communication (intake) skills. Cal Ferguson was also patient. His knowledge... is reassuring. Thanks to both of you.

J.C. – Largo, FL US Department of Commerce

Thank you so much for your hard work and hanging in there even when my agency was uncooperative. I also want to thank Anna for answering all my questions not only in a professional manner but in a sincere manner. I was very stressed and unsure of how this whole process works, but she was able to put me at ease. I am grateful to you and your firm on how you handled my case and for such an amazing turnaround time for an approval. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone!

J.B. – Chula Vista, CA Department of Navy

I was having trouble obtaining my disability retirement on my own. I contacted Harris Federal Law Firm and they handled filing my appeal. Kate Richardson handled everything and made the process very easy for me. I just received my disability retirement approval from the OPM.

E.Z. – Pittsburgh, PA USPS

I want to share my experience with others so they can make the right decision early in their process and reduce some of the frustrations that come along with applying for disability retirement. Thank you, Harris Federal for your representation and for helping me in obtaining my Federal Disability Retirement from the U.S. Postal Service. I was so happy and thrilled when I found out that my disability retirement was approved. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help... during this important time in my life. Your efforts will never be forgotten. I must thank you for all the hard work, advice and counsel provided to me over the past months. It was rewarding to have advocates on my side who understood the issues and fought to make things right. I want to personally thank Marcus Taylor, who was my case advisor, for his excellent work. He was always positive, helpful, listened to me, and was supportive. Marcus worked diligently and patiently explaining everything to me in a professional manner. He was honest, up front, and confident from the beginning to the end. I know his work ethic definitely contributed to my successful results. Marcus met all of my representation needs when taking my claim to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). While no one is forced to hire a Federal attorney, there are obstacles that can be difficult to navigate without professional help. That is why I highly recommend that others solicit the support of Harris Federal. Harris Federal has the professional experience to guide you through the decision making process, help you gather your claim information, fill out the forms necessary to make your initial claim, and guide you to a successful end. They have the experience and ability to get the job done right the first time. I believe it was a worthwhile investment, having Harris Federal represent me, so I want to encourage others not to be afraid to invest in their future peace of mind and improved quality of life. I am very satisfied with the work they did. I highly recommend Harris Federal for any federal employee seeking disability retirement benefits. Harris Federal, my family and I thank you for giving me my life back.

A.T. – Los Angeles, CA USPS

I wanted to thank everyone at Harris Federal Law, especially Marcus Taylor. When I was injured at work from a ladder fall, I knew that my health would not permit me to continue working. Harris Federal was always there when I had a question or a concern. They told me exactly what to expect and were 100% correct. I would have been financially devastated without my FDR approval. I would recommend Harris Federal for everyone.

A.G. – Greencastle, IN VA Medical Center

I hired Harris Federal Law Firm, to handle my federal disability retirement. Many of you might have gone through the same problems I had in finding a reputable law group that was reasonably priced to represent you and that cares about you and not the MONEY! I looked to my TSP account and took a loan. The best thing I ever did. They are willing to work with you on payments too. I received my approval letter on April 13, 2011. This is an awesome law group so forget about the others that you have talked to because I have done all the homework for you. Harris Federal Law Firm is the most reasonable and highly professional. They keep in touch with you every step of the way. Your file is not set aside to work on at a later date. They are on top of your file everyday. Again, thank you all for all your hard work.

R.W. – Chesapeake, VA

Dear all those at Harris Federal Law Firm that assisted me through the process of applying and receiving my medical retirement. At first I was hesitant to send the fee to people I had never met and trusting in them to follow through with the services promised. From day one, they quickly put my mind at ease. They were very kind, patient, understanding, showed great concern when I had a question and promptly handled any situation. By the end of the time we spent working together, I felt I had known them forever. They even shared in my excitement as my case was approved. I feel without their diligent work, knowledge and care I would have been unsuccessful. Thanks to each and every member of the Harris Federal Law Firm. You were wonderful.

T.C. – Hopkinsville, KY

Bo, Brad & Staff, Once again, you guys came through for me! Thank you so much for your hard work and knowledge. I'm sure this will NOT be the last time we do business.

C.J. – Commerce, GA

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did in representing me in my application for disability retirement from OPM. Amber was great! She was very kind, supportive and knowledgeable and always made time to answer any questions that I had. I have already passed your name and web address on to several of my former coworkers with a positive recommendation of the firm. I believe that my application went through the process so smoothly and was approved very quickly because of your representative. Thank you for everything.

N.M. – Lees Summit, MO

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you and the team, especially Grant Ostrander and Amber Schalk who helped me understand the whole process every step of the way from start to finish. The team members were very patient, knowledgeable and professional. When I first started searching locally and contacting some firms, I found out that not only were they expensive, but also difficult to work with. So, my wife and I did more searching on the web and found your firm...we were very pleased to have someone out of state to work with us. We contacted your firm and spoke to both you and Matt. We were very glad that we took the extra time to do a national search, as we found your firm was best suited to represent my case. I'm so pleased of the success on my Federal Retirement Disability approval. The process was completed just the way we anticipated. In closing, I highly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm, to others who are in need of their services, as they will aggressively and truthfully represent your case with outstanding results. Again, thank you for all your hard work, patience and support.

M.B. – Alexandria, VA

Thanks for all of your countless hours of work and attention to detail in making my disability retirement a success. I commend your staff and highly recommend your services to all my coworkers.

J.F. – Charlotte, NC

The Harris Federal Law Firm, helped me receive my Federal Disability with the knowledge, communication and the respect that an injured person is also deserving of. I couldn't have done all the paperwork and politics without their help and knowledge! An EXCELLENT service and grateful THANKS to all of them!!

D.M. – Monroe, MI

I wanted to send you a quick note in regard to your services with my federal disability case. I appreciate your firm's time and effort. Your support and service was wonderful. My experience with you and the firm has been a positive one. Your speed in following up with any issues that came about and your efforts to keep me informed and up to date are greatly appreciated. Everyone I dealt with provided quality assistance and contacted me in a timely manner. I would recommend your services to anyone and want to say thank you again for your assistance with my case. The process and the hurdles I've dealt with regarding my federal case have been difficult, stressful and seemingly endless. Working with Harris Federal Law Firm, I felt like I had competent, strong support and that my best interests were at heart.

A.E. – Malone, KY

I would like to thank you for helping me with the appeal of my disability retirement case. In February of 2010 I was notified by the Postal Service that there was no work for me to do because of my medical restrictions and that I would not be allowed to return to work. I had already filed for my disability retirement one month before receiving the letter from the Postal Service. Unfortunately OPM denied me the first time that I filed, that's when I contacted your law firm. Grant Ostrander and Amber helped me when I didn't fully understand how to proceed in filing an appeal with OPM on my own. It took approximately three months from the date that my appeal was filed when I received notice from OPM that my case was approved.

W.J. – Little Elm, TX

I'll never forget what you guys have done for me or the outstanding manner with which it was handled. You bring honor to your craft.

W.M. – Los Angeles, CA

God Bless Grant Ostrander and Harris Federal Law Firm. I am an injured Postal Worker that tried to take on the USPS by myself. Take my advice and DON'T DO IT. Harris Federal Law Firm, knows what they are doing; they are very fair and easy to work with. They charge a VERY reasonable amount and are worth every penny. I got my disability approved without too much trouble and cannot thank Grant and Harris Federal Law Firm enough.

C.H. – Deer, AR

I want to thank you Grant, and Harris Federal Law Firm, for winning my case in such a timely manner for disability retirement from the Postal Service. It was such a relief knowing I had experienced and knowledgeable people working for me. You did an excellent job and got it right the first time. Your flexibility on my payment plan helped me out tremendously at a time when my money was running low. I would highly recommend your law firm to anyone I know who needs legal help.

J. G. – Lexington, Kentucky

I am writing this letter of sincere gratitude and appreciation. From the time we initially talked for “4!” hours on the telephone, up to the final award arrived in my mail, you and your whole firm have been a God send. Your staff has always been courteous, receptionist and all. Your people are thorough. Without your guidance, assistance and help, I truly believe none of this would have happened. Once again, we the Johnson family “Thanks you!”

C. J. – San Antonio, Texas

I can’t thank you enough for helping win my appeal. I went from a settlement of $0 to one that I feel is fair!

M. M. – Decatur, Illinois

In December 2000, I had a job related injury. Two years later, I still could not return to work. My monthly workers comp benefit was stopped, although my medical bills were (and are) still being paid. I felt desperate. Every attorney I called didn’t handle federal workers compensation. Finally I found Harris Federal Law Firm. I talked with Brad Harris and Bo Harris. I found them to be compassionate and very knowledgeable about the federal process. I felt great relief at being able to turn everything over to them. They helped me get disability retirement and then my schedule award. They were always helpful and courteous and kept me informed with regular phone calls. I don’t think I could have managed without them. They were great.

B. C. – Louisville, Kentucky

I was an injured Federal employee, living in Louisiana, who became permanently disabled after countless delays with OWCP. After 5 years, my agency, the F.A.A., terminated my employment. I didn't know what to do, so contacted several Federal attorneys. The Harris Federal Law Firm reviewed my paperwork and informed me that my case was open and closed and would probably not require legal assistance. I thanked them, and filed my paper work. After 3 months of waiting, I was informed that my disability was not approved by OPM. I contacted the Harris Federal Law Firm, explained what had happened, and they were stunned. I asked them for help, which they immediately agreed to, and received my retirement within 90 days of their intervention. I have never meet Bo or Brad Harris. All our conversations were by telephone and faxes. I was completely satisfied with their professionalism, helping me with impossible deadlines imposed by OPM, obtaining qualified medical help for documentation, and their overall support to keep my spirits up. I highly recommend the Harris Federal Law Firm, to any injured Federal employee applying for disability retirement.

K. W. – Deridder, Louisiana

I just wanted to thank you for your great service. After weeks of researching and contacting (or trying to contact) attorneys locally I switched over to a national search. Most lawyers had the attitude that getting social security disability was a breeze compared to disability retirement. A total of four other lawyers looked over my denial for disability retirement and three contacted me wanting double or triple of what you charged. I didn’t feel it was necessary, nor was I well enough to pursue a self led battle to the finish with my agency. Your can-do attitude was appreciated and reflected in your did-it results. I cannot thank or recommend you enough. I have never used a professional that I never met in person before this disability claim, but I had a feeling, and I did succeed thanks to you.

J. M. – Zion, Illinois

Within 3 months, Harris Federal Law Firm got me approved for disability retirement from the Postal Service. They have the experience and ability to get the job done right the first time. I am very satisfied with the work they did. I highly recommend Harris Federal Law Firm for any federal employee seeking disability retirement benefits.

M. O. – Long Beach, California

Thanks for all your help with my disability retirement from the USPS. Your... advice and knowledge made this experience much easier and with less stress. I appreciate the way you stayed in touch during the process even when there wasn’t much to report. I would advise anyone that is working toward a disability retirement to include your firm in their plans. Thanks again.

R. W. – Louisville, Kentucky

Thank you for working on my disability case and getting me approved within four months. I am extremely grateful for your hard work. I really appreciate all the tasks you have completed for me. My family and I will remain thankful forever.

P. T. – Round Lake, Illinois

Harris Federal Law Firm helped me in receiving my schedule award. I am recommending everyone to utilize their services. Thank you Brad and Bo!

A. C. – Bothell, Washington

I want to thank you for all you did on my behalf. You were beyond wonderful. I was worried at first that you were so far away and I’d probably never meet you; but I was wrong to worry. You were right there every time I called, every question I asked was answered and anytime something changed you called to keep me updated. I would not have gotten the schedule award amount I received without you and the Harris Federal Law Firm. I want every federal employee to know you are there for them and your knowledge and experience is worth its weight in gold. I am going to keep your number in my cell phone so I can pass it on to others that need your help. Again, thank you so much for everything.

J. B. – Wolcottville, Indiana

Bo, I want to thank you, Brad and the staff of Harris Federal Law Firm, for the success and ease of winning my Disability Retirement and Schedule Award cases. You were always available when I needed you and very professional in all of your interactions. I highly recommend your services to anyone dealing with the postal service. Thank you for everything.

C. J. – Commerce, Georgia

Dear Bo and the Harris Federal Law Firm, it has been an extreme relief working with such a knowledgeable and professional Law firm. You guys are awesome; you really came through and got my disability retirement approved when I had almost given up. I recommend your Law firm to any federal employee that needs an attorney. Thank you.

B. R. – Loves Park, Illinois

I am writing to you today because I feel that I need to let you know how much I have appreciated your help in obtaining disability retirement from the USPS. It has been and still is a struggle to get things finalized. I knew that things were not going to be easy from the day of my injury. The laws and policies of the federal government are more than my husband and I could ever understand. The day we read your ad in a postal newsletter gave us some hope. But at the same time how in the world were going to pay for a lawyer. After speaking with Brad about our predicament, we knew that this was going to be our only way to legally get an understanding and a solution to our problems. Thank you so much for working with us in all aspects of this case. From financial obligations, the constant contacting of doctors and dealing with case workers, I know that a lot of work and time has been used for my situation. I feel that you two have gone beyond what was really expected of normal cases. I wish that more injured workers knew of the help that you have to offer. Again, thank you so much.

B. J. – Horseshoe Bay, Texas

I just received my approval for OPM disability. I hired Harris Federal Law Firm to assist me. Grant Ostrander was my case adviser. While you may not need an attorney I found it well worth the price. Grant is very very good. Helped at every stage, I would recommend him highly.

B. S. – Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Bo, I would like to thank you, Brad, Grant and all of the dedicated employees at Harris Federal Law Firm, for everything you have done for me. You will never now what a relief it was for me to let you handle everything concerning my Disability Retirement and Scheduled Award. Harris Federal Law Firm, knew how to handle every aspect of the Retirement and Scheduled Award process. You always knew how to effectively resolve any issues that came up. Whenever I had a question, you knew the answers. You always gave me plenty of reassurance when I needed it. I will continue to recommend you to any of my former coworkers who find themselves in need of your services. Once again thank you for all of your hard work.

E. W. – Merced, California

Thank you Harris Federal Law Firm, for your representation of my Federal Workers Compensation claim. Your office won me more than $100,000 for my schedule award. I couldn’t be happier with your hard work, honesty, and professionalism. I was very impressed with your integrity – especially when it came to your fees which ended up being much less than I expected. I recommend your services to any injured federal workers looking for aggressive and truthful representation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

J. J. – Louisville, Kentucky

Thank-you guys for the times I was impatient and thought that I wouldn’t be approved, Thank-you all for being patient and reassuring. Even though it took longer than I thought it should have, your reassurance made me strong. I am so happy I could fly. When my co-workers asked why I chose your firm I told them I was impressed with your web site. And apparently I made a good choice because we won!!! Again, Thank-you and tell Marcus that I truly appreciate his assistance, and advice.

B.B. – Summerville, South Carolina

I am writing to say THANK YOU for all of your help with my disability claim. I know I could not have done this so easy and quickly without all of your help. Everybody I talked to, on every occasion, was always so helpful and encouraging. Now that this is over, I feel a lot better mentally knowing that I have an income I can depend on. I also want to let you know I have given your information to a co-worker. I definitely let them know how great your services were to me and how easy the process really was. I hope when this person is ready, that they will use your law firm THANK ALL OF YOU, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C.P. – Wellington, Ohio

I am writing to you today because I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you who have helped me with my efforts to seek Federal Disability Retirement. Taking the chance of hiring a firm from the internet without knowing who you were was an intimidating step for me, but after my initial conversation with Grant my worries were put at ease. His kindness and concern about my well being helped me to make that final decision. You were all there for me when any questions and concerns I may have had came up and reassured me that all was going just as planned. I was told the whole process would take between 6 to 10 months and that is exactly what it took. Ten months almost to the day! Toward the end of the process it was becoming a very hostile environment for me with management, but you reassured me that this sometimes happens, making it easier for me to forget through the whole process. Your firm did the rest and made it so much easier for me. Without you I probably would not be where I am today, stress free and in the process of healing physically. I have already recommended your firm to some of my colleagues, who like me were not aware that we as postal/federal employees are entitled to federal disability retirement. I know one of them has hired you and I can only hope that he has the same success story as I had. So, from the bottom of my heart I want to say Thank you so very much! I am eternally grateful! You guys are the best!

K.T. – Wolcott, Connecticut

As a former CEO of my own business, I can’t tell you how much Grant meant to my peace of mind, during my ordeal with TSA & OPM. He did things in a timely manner, very professional. It is very very rare in today’s world to get what you pay for. Grant Ostrander was worth every dollar that you charged. I have posted his name on Fedworkers.com and have passed your firm along to others. If I can ever re-pay the kindness that your firm and Grant in particular showed me please feel free to call.

R.S. – Las Vegas, Nevada

I would really like to thank you, Mr. Ostrander and everyone there for all of your assistance. You made the process a lot easier to understand. I know I couldn’t have gotten the results I have (so expeditiously) without your help.

L.T. – Buffalo, New York

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your untiring support and assistance in getting my OWCP case moving forward. Your... competence were evident throughout this exhausting process. Thankfully, I have now received significant medical treatment on both knees and am doing much better. Though I still suffer from pain, it is not nearly as severe as before. Additionally, you all were successful in securing two Schedule Awards on my behalf totaling nearly $129,000. Though this will not remedy my medical situation, it does provide a measure of closure for my family and I. Again, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for a JOB WELL DONE.

R.C. – Holtville, California

Just wanted to say “thank you” to you and the entire staff at Harris Federal Law Firm. All of you have been very professional and I appreciate the help every step of the application process. I know it would not have gone as smoothly as it did without your staff’s knowledge and experience. I will definitely recommend your firm to my co-workers. Thanks again.

S.C. – San Francisco, California

I would like to thank Harris Federal Law Firm, for their hard work and dedication in helping me to attain my disability retirement through the Federal Government. They were exceptionally patient with me and understood my pain. Thank you to all the people that assisted in my case. Thank you Harris Federal Law Firm!

K.B. – Caddo, Oklahoma

I greatly appreciate all that your office has done in getting my case resolved. Matt, Bo and the rest of the staff have been wonderful. I will be more than willing to refer anyone in need to your office

C.D. – Rochester, Pennsylvania

Amber and Grant, thank you for your help in getting my medical retirement for me so fast! When I first spoke with you, the best guess was it would take approximately 9-12 months for the process to go through. After about 3 ½ months of gathering all the required medical forms from the doctors, you submitted all documents to the retirement board. From that point, the process only took about 7 weeks before my claim was accepted. Wow I almost feel guilty as you took care of every step of the process for me. I have, and will continue to, recommend your service to everyone who needs it. Thank you for making the whole process absolutely painless!!!

B.M – Spanish Fork, Utah

Thank you Mr. Harris and your excellent staff!

F.R. – San Antonio, Texas

On February 12, 2013 the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) approved my application for disability retirement from the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) after 20+ years of federal law enforcement service. I started the process in late February 2012. OPM would have not approved my application for disability retirement if I had not retained the Harris Federal Law Firm. The FAMS has a very negative work climate and is very hostile towards the rank and file (Federal Air Marshals). Additionally, OPM is a beast of its own so I knew if I was to succeed in qualifying for disability retirement I would need legal representation. Thus, I turned to the Harris Federal Law Firm. From the initial consultation with Grant Ostrander to the OPM approval letter I felt very confident about having retained the Harris Federal Law Firm. Choosing the Harris Federal Law Firm to represent me is the best thing I ever did. Throughout the entire process Kate Richardson was and is a god send. She communicated with me daily/weekly and ensured my medical records were forwarded to the FAMS and/or OPM. When I had question(s) or needed to update my file, Ms. Richardson was always there. She was always positive, helpful, and listened to me and was supportive. Everyone who works for the Harris Federal Law Firm, is awesome!!! So now as a family we face tomorrow with a positive outlook and owe that all to everyone at Harris Federal Law Firm. So I recommend this to all federal employees facing disability retirement. Retain the Harris Federal Law Firm, because you will need representation and they are the best!!!

M.A. – Grand Prairie, Texas

I was so happy and thrilled when I found out that my disability retirement was approved. First of all, I thank God for hearing my prayers every day. Secondly, from the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you very, very much for all of your help. You were always nice and always there to answer my questions. Thank you Kate for calling me last Friday to let me know about the approval! Thanks again. May God bless each and every one of you. Have a nice day and take care.

T.D. – Jacksonville, Florida

I wanted to thank you for your assistance with my disability retirement application. I never envisioned the process would be as lengthy or as emotionally traumatic as it turned out to be. It was a horrible experience which you made bearable. You were always prompt, informative, and professional. Even with the latest twists and turns, you remained a calming force. My future would have been bleak without Harris Federal Law Firm, and you. Thank you again, Kate, for your strength, guidance and optimism. May God Bless You!

J.A. – Mansfield, Louisiana

I wanted to thank you for helping me get my federal disability retirement. My family and I thank you for giving me my life back. I appreciate everything your firm has done. Thank you!! Thank you!!

S.B. – Lombard, Illinois

I would like to say thank you to all at Harris Federal Law Firm. When I first spoke with Mr. Ostrander, my life was in complete disarray as my employer had successfully "broken my spirit." I felt that I had nowhere to turn; I felt that my life wasn't worth a damn! Mr. Ostrander listened to me and made me believe that all would turn out well. And it did! Seeking a "stress retirement" is without a doubt very difficult to prove, yet Mr. Ostrander and his team of professionals put together a viable case for me based on all my pertinent information. And through it all, it was never about the money; it was about me! So to Mr. Ostrander, Kate, and all of you at Harris Federal Law Firm, you have my most heartfelt thank you. Because of you my life is no longer "a hopeless train wreck."

R.L – Cranston, Rhode Island

I am writing to thank you, Harris Federal Law Firm, for the fine job you did in representing me in my disability retirement case. After speaking with you in June, I felt that you understood me and what I was trying to accomplish and you did that and more. You assured me with your confidence that you could help me win my case, and you did just that. From the time you submitted the forms, to the time I was approved, it only took 2 ½ months. That was faster than I thought it was going to take, but very pleased. You worked very hard on my case and were always there to answer my questions and provide feedback. I would highly recommend you to other folks that needed to file for disability as you were honest, up front, and confident from the beginning to the end. Again, I appreciate all your help and wish you all the best for the holidays.

M.E. – San Antonio, Texas

To all of the staff at Harris Federal Law Firm: I would just like to say thank you for the help you gave me in obtaining my Federal Disability Retirement from the U.S. Postal Service. It has been approximately two years since I received my approval from OPM and this letter is long past due. Your firm took me through the whole process and made things go a lot smoother for me at a time in my life when I did not know where to turn for help. I was very fortunate to find your firm and trust you to process everything for me. If anyone has ever dealt with the bureaucracy of the U. S. Postal Service then they know it is almost impossible to get your previous supervisors to complete any of the forms that are necessary to process a Federal Disability Retirement. They stall you at every turn hoping you will give up and not pursue the issue. Fortunately, I had the Harris Federal Law Firm to help me cut through all that stalling and it did not take long after the paperwork was processed until I received my settlement. Again, anyone considering a Federal Disability Retirement in any Federal Government agency should seek the advice and counsel of the Harris Federal Law Firm. Thanks again for all your help and understanding during a difficult time for me.

L.H. – Lexington, Kentucky

I would like to take this time to thank your firm and specifically Mr. Grant Ostrander for the successful submission of the appeal for my disability benefits. The work provided by Mr. Ostrander and his staff resulted in my receiving an annuity and most importantly reinstatement of my health benefits. I am forever grateful for the efforts of your firm.

J.A. – Georgetown, Kentucky

Thank you for your hard work. I would like to thank the Harris Federal Law Firm, for all of their support and all of the wonderful people who helped me win my disability retirement. Please forward my best wishes to the firm and all the wonderful people who work there.

C.H. – Miami, Florida