Ronald McDonald House Charities: Rewarding for Residents, Volunteers Alike

Sep 30, 2014

Harris Federal Ronald McDonald

When a child is sick and needs special medical care at a hospital that is far from home, what does a family do to stay together? Fortunately, they can turn to Ronald McDonald House facilities located across the country, including Lexington.

At Harris Federal Law Firm, we know first-hand the comfort that a Ronald McDonald House (RMH) can provide to a family during a difficult time.

Four years ago, the son of one member of our firm needed to undergo open heart surgery at a facility in Cincinnati. His family was blessed to stay at a RMH located right next door to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The family actually enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the home during a stay that lasted for three weeks.

Another member of our firm spent time at a RMH located next door to the Breckinridge Hospital in Austin, Texas. By staying at the home, she was able to be near her son, who was being treated for a severe case of strep pneumonia.

Based on these personal experiences, and our recognition of the tremendous service that RMH facilities provide, our family at Harris Federal Law Firm is glad to volunteer on a regular basis at our own Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass here in Lexington. It’s an ongoing effort that is close to our hearts.

If you are interested in being a volunteer or supporting RMH Bluegrass or a RMH facility near you in some other way, we strongly encourage you to do so.

What Is Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass?

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass (RMH Bluegrass) is a non-profit organization that provides housing for families so they can be with their children during a time of medical need.

There is a tremendous need for this service, too. According to the RMH Bluegrass website, during one recent year, the home:

  • Served 440 families
  • Provided a total of 6,137 nights of lodging
  • Saved each family, on average, $1,100 in hotel costs.

Through the first six months of this year, the RMH Bluegrass has kept an 84 percent occupancy rate. We’re sure that Ronald McDonald House facilities across the country surely report similar occupancy rates.

Guests can make a donation of $10 per night, which is only about an eighth of the actual cost to provide food and lodging per room. However, no family is ever turned away by RMH Bluegrass if they are unable to contribute financially.

How Can You Get Involved with RMH Bluegrass?

RMH Bluegrass relies entirely on private and corporate donations. It receives no government funding or United Way funding. In that sense, you can play an important role in helping RMH Bluegrass to continue its mission.

First, you can make a donation. It can be any amount, big or small. As the RMH Bluegrass site explains, even a donation of $25 can go a long way by buying new towels for one of its guest rooms.

SRonald McDonald House dinner prepared by Harris Federalecond, you can donate items that help to meet guests’ needs. Check out the Wish List. The items range from AAA batteries to dorm-style refrigerators.

Finally, like we have done at Harris Federal Law Firm, you can simply donate your time. For instance, our firm provides home-cooked dinners for guests.

As we have found, sharing a meal and sharing experiences can be just as rewarding as a volunteer at a Ronald McDonald House as it is while being a guest.

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