Happy Veterans Day

by | Nov 10, 2015

Last Updated February 27, 2024
veterans day

Veterans Day is the day to thank and honor all those who have served America’s military, both in wartime and peacetime. At Harris Federal Law Firm, we regularly work with clients who are veterans. Many of their stories are sobering, and serve as an important reminder to the gravity of their work, and the sacrifices they often make to protect our country. We have received so many thank you’s from our former clients for helping them with their cases, when really, we are the ones who should be thanking them. Some members of our team wanted to take the day to do just that, to thank our veterans for their service, and to recognize their integral contributions to our great nation.

Cal Ferguson: Case Evaluation Specialist

banner-cal-ferguson-mobile“Veteran’s day has always held a special place in my heart,  and whenever I meet a Veteran, I always try to say “thank you”.  Like many of you, I have family who have served in the US Armed Forces. My grandfather served in WWII, with the US ARMY 1
st Calvary Division in the South West Pacific theatre.  Also, my younger brother has been enlisted in the US NAVY for the past 13 years.  Having family in the service, and seeing the sacrifices they have made and are willing to make,  always hits home to me.   So to all of our brothers and sisters in the Armed Forces,  from the bottom of my heart,  Thank you.  You are appreciated, and loved. Stay strong, and be safe!”

Rebecca Holder: Attorney Referral Coordinator

Becca Headshot“My family comes from a long line of military service. My great grandfather was an officer for the Union during the Civil War. Both my grandfathers served during World War II, along with my great uncle who survived being a POW in Germany. My paternal grandfather was a Flagship Lieutenant in the Navy. My uncle served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War, and two of my cousins served with the Army: The first in Iraq during Desert Storm, the second in Kosovo and three tours in Afghanistan. Needless to say, I am truly grateful for and proud of my family’s service to our great nation.”

Meredith Hager: Federal Disability Case Manager

Meredith B&W

“Several of my most memorable clients have been veterans. Many people forget about the struggles they go through once they return from war. PTSD, depression, and anxiety are a big part of their daily lives along with the physical injuries they develop while fighting for our country. They have to learn how to live again as a normal civilian and it proves to be very difficult for many of them. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to help someone get a benefit that they are so deserving of after they have given up so much for our country.”

Leah Bachmeyer Kille: Associate Attorney

Leah headshot“While I have not personally served, many members of my family have, including my father, uncle, and grandfather. I greatly admire and respect their past commitments, as well as the commitment of everyone who is serving or has served. I am currently a member of a local concert band, where a good portion of our members are veterans. One of my favorite aspects of membership is playing for the summer concert, where we perform a number of American marches, as well as the Armed Forces Salute. During the Armed Forces Salute, we ask that people stand when they hear their service song and be recognized. Hearing the applause for these men and women as they stand always reminds me to be thankful for the opportunities and freedoms we have as U.S. citizens.”

Brad Harris: Senior Attorney

banner-brad-harris-mobile“It’s appropriate to have a day to reflect on the sacrifices of those who have served in the military. Our celebration is not just for those who have passed away, it’s also for those that served but now live and work among us. Make this Veteran’s Day special by asking a veteran to tell you about their time in the service. That will give you a deeper appreciation for what they have done for our country. Go out there and talk to a veteran, and be sure to tell them you are glad they made it back because we need them!”

Thank you veterans, we greatly appreciate your service!


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