Oversight and Policy of OPM

May 9, 2017


Policy and Oversight

The Office of Personnel Management is responsible for all policies and oversight in the federal government. They oversee all policies created to support federal human resource departments, from classification and qualifications systems to hiring authorities and from performance management to pay, leave and benefits. Along with making these policies, OPM is responsible for ensuring they are properly implemented and correctly carried out.

Healthcare and Insurance (HI)

OPM ensures the availability of quality benefits for the federal employees. They work to access to high-caliber healthcare and insurance programs offered by the government including health services, dental and vision benefits, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and long-term care programs. HI also develops and administers programs that provide high quality and affordable health insurance to uninsured Americans.

Retirement Services (RS)

OPM provides government-wide administration of retirement benefits and services for all federal employees. They want to honor federal retirees’ years of service by assuring reliable and courteous service throughout retirement.

Services for Agencies

OPM is the central human resources planner for the federal government. They are responsible for successful management of personnel, across every federal agency. They assist federal agencies in hiring new employees, provide investigative services for background checks, create training programs, and much more.

The next post will look at these more in-depth.

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