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If you are injured at work due to the negligence of a co-worker, your rights are probably limited by federal workers compensation laws. But what if you’re injured due to the negligence of a person who doesn’t work with you? For example, were you injured:

  1. when you are on duty, driving a vehicle, and it is stricken by a negligent civilian?
  2. when you are on duty, but bitten by customer’s vicious dog?
  3. when you are on duty, off premises, and a dangerous floor condition off premises causes you to trip, slip and fall?

If your injury on the job was caused by a third-party, you may be entitled to other benefits from that third party’s insurer.

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Injured workers are never compensated under federal workers compensation law for pain and suffering, but they may receive payment for pain and suffering from negligent third parties.

It is important in these situations that you learn how to co-ordinate your federal workers compensation benefits with your rights of recovery against the third party — and important for your attorney to understand how that process works.