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If your injury on the job was caused by a third-party, you may be entitled to other benefits from that third party’s insurer.

Not every injury results in a personal injury claim. If you are injured at work, even due to the negligence of a co-worker, your rights are probably limited by workers compensation laws which doesn’t compensate you for pain, suffering, or loss of consortium.

What if the person you were injured by doesn’t work with you?

For example, were you injured:

When you are on duty, driving a vehicle, and it is stricken by a negligent civilian?

When you are on duty, but bitten by customer’s vicious dog?

When you are on duty, off premises, and a dangerous floor condition causes you to slip and fall?

How much time do you have?

Depending on the state in which you were injured, there may very well be different statutes of limitations pertaining to your legal right to make the workers compensation claim as opposed to the personal injury claim!

Coordinating with your federal benefits

It is critical in these situations to learn how to co-ordinate your federal workers compensation benefits with your rights of recovery against the third party.

We can assist your attorney

If you have a separate personal injury attorney they need to understand how to coordinate with your federal benefits.

Many personal injury lawyers around the country have hired us to consult with them in order to maximize their client’s recovery by coordinating the injured person’s right to workers compensation with their personal injury claim.

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