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Schedule Award
VA Nurse Practitioner
Chicago, IL

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DHS Investigator
Glendale, AZ

Upper Extremity Injury
USPS Clerk
Amarillo, TX

What is OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation?

When a federal employee is injured while performing job duties at work or develops an occupational illness or disease, they have the right to file a Federal Workers’ Compensation claim.

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The OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation

Benefit Highlights

Wage Loss Payments

This benefit replaces a percentage of your salary while you miss work due to an accepted Federal Worker’s Compensation claim.

Schedule Awards

This benefit is a payment for a permanent impairment due to an accepted injury that has reached Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

Medical Expense Coverage

This benefit pays for medical services pertaining to the accepted Federal Workers’ Compensation claim and diagnoses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation schedule award?

How does OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation affect Social Security Disability?

Is it possible to get kicked off of OWCP Wage Loss

How long does it take to settle OWCP Federal Workers’ Compenstaion?

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Are you eligible?

Any federal employee has the right to file a Federal Workers’ Compensation claim if they are eligible.


All civilian employees

This benefit is available to any federal employee that works in a civilian position.


Must have a medical
condition caused by work

Your injury must have happened or worsened due to work.

Common Injuries
Schedule Award

What body injuries are covered?

Do you have a permanent impairment to a body part from a work related injury. Find out what the OWCP schedule looks like for each body part.

Common Injuries

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We can assist you through the appeals process.

Important OWCP Terms

There are many confusing terms and concepts when it comes to OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation. Here are a few common terms that are important to understand.

Total Temporary Disability

Also referred to as “TTD”. This is another term for the OWCP Wage Loss payments.

Impairment Rating

In order to receive a schedule award, your doctor must diagnose the percentage of permanent impairment to a body part due to the accepted injury.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Also know as “MMI”, this refers to the diagnosis by a doctor that the accepted injury cannot improve any further with medical intervention.


Via the Department of Labor (DOL), the Office of Workers’ Compensation programs manages all Federal Workers’ Compensation claims through claims examiners at 12 regional offices.

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