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What is Federal Disability Retirement?

When an injury or illness is keeping you from performing at least one function of your position, Federal Disability Retirement may be the right option for you.

Your injury or disability does not have to be caused by work.

The Federal Disability Retirement

Benefit Highlights

Monthly Disability Annuity

Receive 60% of your High 3 Average Salary the first year and 40% every year until you reach age 62.

Keep your Health & Life Insurance

While on this benefit you can maintain your valuable health and life insurance policies.

Creditable Years of Service

Each year on Federal Disability Retirement counts as an additional year of creditable service on top of your current service.

Find a New Job

Go on to find a new job in the private sector and earn up to 80% of your old position’s current salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Federal
Disability Retirement?

What is a Reasonable Accommodation?

How do I calculate my Federal Disability Retirement annuity?

What is the High 3 Average Salary?

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Are you eligible?

FERS Career Employee

Federal Disability Retirement is available to any career FERS employee.

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Must have a medical issue

You must have a disability, because of disease or injury, that is impacting your ability to successfully perform at least one required duty of your position.

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18 Months of Service

You must have 18 months of creditable civilian service to be eligible for Federal Disability Retirement. Military buy back years do not count towards your 18 months. 

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Common Injuries

Common Types of Injuries

It’s important to know what kind of illnesses and injuries can qualify for Federal Disability Retirement. Click below to take a look at our list of common injuries.

Common Injuries

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Important Federal
Disability Retirement Terms

There are many confusing terms and concepts when it comes to FERS Federal Disability Retirement. Here are a few common terms that are important to understand.

Reasonable Accommodation

A Federal Disability Retirement Reasonable Accommodation is an adjustment made to a job and/or work environment that enables a qualified handicapped person to perform the duties of that position.

Service Deficiency

The inability to perform at least one major function of your current job that leads to a deficiency in performance, attendance, or conduct.


The Office of Personnel Management considers a disability for Federal Disability Retirement to be any medical condition that inhibits a federal employee from continuing to complete at least one of the major functions of their current position.


FERS refers to the three part Federal Employee Retirement System that includes Federal Disability Retirement as a benefit for federal employees.


OPM refers to the Office of Personnel Management that handles all Federal Disability Retirement claims.
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