A Place We Call Home

Not only is Austin one of the fastest growing cities in the country, it is the hometown of our founders, Brad & Bo Harris. We love the people of Texas with all of our heart and are honored to serve federal employees throughout this great state.

Know as “The Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is renowned for its vibrant music scene and diverse cultural offerings. It’s for this reason we chose Austin as the locations for one of our main offices. Powered by graduates of the University of Texas at Austin, the city also boasts a booming high-tech economy. Dell, Apple, Cisco Systems, and Intel Corporation are just a few of the tech companies have operations in Austin’s “Silicon Hills”.

Austin also has nearly 20,000 federal government employees. It is these workers that we fight for. In fact, we’ve secured disability retirement benefits and schedule awards for numerous workers from the United States Postal Service, Department of Human Services, Social Security Administration, and other departments of the federal government in and around Austin and throughout Texas.

You don’t need to be from the Lone Star State to receive federal benefits representation from Harris Federal. From east coast to west coast, the deep south to New England and beyond, we stand up and fight for federal workers in all 50 states.