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What is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance provides monthly payments and health coverage for totally disabled federal and non-federal employees.

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The Social Security Disability Insurance

Benefit Highlights

Monthly Payments

Receive monthly payments based on the credits you have paid into social security from previous work history

Medicare Coverage

Once approved for SSDI, medicare will become your primary insurer. Any private insurance you may have becomes secondary.

Are you eligible?

Ability to Work

You cannot do work and engage in substantial gainful activity (SGA) because of your medical condition. You also cannot do work you did previously.

Length of Disability

SSDI requires that you must have medical documentation showing you will be totally disabled for next 12 months.

Automatic Approval

Be aware that the Social Security Administration has outlined a list of disabilities that prevent “substantial gainful activity” and can automatically qualify for SSDI. While this is great for those in desperate need for these benefits, strong medical evidence and documentation is still required.

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Important SSDI Terms

Understanding these important SSDI terms can help your make educated decisions about your future.


This is simply an acronym for the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefit.

Back Pay

SSDI back pay is a lump sum payment to cover any lapse in payment between the date of application and the date you begin receiving payments. This amount will be reduced by the 5 months in which you applied.

Substantial Gainful Activity

If you earn more than the monthly amount defined by the Social Security Administration then you are engaging in substantial gainful activity. As of 2023 that is $1,470/month.


SSDI benefit payments can be increased to account for inflation.