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Dog Attacks on Mail Carriers Declined in 2017

attacksData released by the Postal Service shows that the number of dog attacks on Postal employees declined last year vs. 2016. Last year, there were 6,244 attacks, which was 500 less than in 2016.

“We’re encouraged by the decrease in dog attacks,” USPS Safety Director Linda DeCarlo in San Diego said. “The totals are still too high, but we’re confident that with continuing education and dog bite prevention training, along with advancing technology, we can keep more people safe and keep attacks trending downward.”

The Postal Service is asking homeowners on the package pickup application if a dog is present at the delivery address as one measure to prevent dog attacks. This information is provided to mail carriers on the delivery scanners which send alerts if an unleashed dog is reported in a delivery area.

“The scanners that our carriers use to confirm a customers’ delivery include a feature for them to indicate the presence of a dog at an individual address,” said DeCarlo. “This information is particularly helpful for substitute carriers who fill in for regular carriers on their days off.”

Here are the top 10 cities for attacks in 2017:

  1. Houston—71
  2. Los Angeles—67
  3. Louis—52
  4. Cleveland—49
  5. San Diego—46
  6. Baltimore and San Antonio—44
  7. Columbus—43
  8. Dallas—40
  9. Louisville—39
  10. Chicago—38

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