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Find peace-of-mind in your federal benefits. 

Find peace-of-mind in your federal benefits. 

"We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times." By now, you have likely heard this ad nauseum, but it doesn't take away from the fact that we are collectively concerned about the future. Whether it be a volatile economy, furlough fears, or the spread of a novel...

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The TSP Modernization Act Cheatsheet

The TSP Modernization Act Cheatsheet

Our team of federal employee benefits consultants, case managers and attorneys have extensively reviewed the federal government’s changes coming in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Modernization Act and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned. The Office of Personnel...

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Remember—TSP Withdrawal Changes Happen This Year

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is planning a “significant launch promotion” beginning this month to implement the Thrift Savings Plan changes stemming from the TSP Modernization Act. Congress imposed a deadline for these changes of November 1st, but...

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New Thrift Savings Plan Rules Could Affect You

There will be significant changes made to the Thrift Savings Plan. Effective September 2019, these changes will focus on withdrawal options that have previously lacked flexibility. Because of that, many have looked for alternative options that offer more accessibility...

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2019 TSP Contribution Limits

There is good news if you are a federal employee saving for retirement. The Internal Revenue Service has announced next year’s contribution limits for the Thrift Savings Plan and for Individual Retirement Accounts. You will be able to contribute more to each. 2019 TSP...

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New Investment Option for the Thrift Savings Plan?

There is almost $600 billion just sitting in the Thrift Savings plan waiting for federal employees to use it when they retire. TSP and Congress Congress has a track record of spending money from any available source, so it’s understandable to think of the possibility...

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Stock Holdings Increased Across Lifecycle TSP Funds

The Thrift Savings Plan program will increase the proportion of some investments in certain stocks with the hopes of growing the amount of money annuitants receive after they retire. Agency officials of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board outlined a 15-year...

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Avoid These Costly Thrift Savings Plan Mistakes

When you retire, your Thrift Savings Plan account may be the largest source of income you draw from. You’ll want to avoid these mistakes to ensure you maximize your retirement income. Keep Your Beneficiary Forms Updated It may be easy to forget about doing this, but...

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Why You Shouldn’t Take a TSP Loan

Your Thrift Savings Plan account is where you can save the easiest for your retirement. And for some federal employees, this account balance can be quite large. It may seem enticing to dip into this account if you’re in need of extra money or to put a down payment on...

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Plans to Loosen Thrift Savings Plan Withdrawals

Officials have announced how they plan to provide additional flexibility to Thrift Savings Plan participants. The 2017 TSP Modernization Act allows federal employees and retirees to make multiple age-based withdrawals from their TSP accounts and remain eligible for...

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