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We help people with cases involving federal disability retirement, federal workers compensation, appeals to the Merit System Protection Board, employment discrimination, Social Security disability, third party liability and a variety of other issues faced by hundreds of federal employees who we are dedicated to serve.

FERS Federal Disability Retirement


Federal Disability Retirement

If you are incapable of performing the duties of your normal job assignment, you may qualify to leave your service position with federal disability retirement. Your disability does not have to because from a work related issue or injury.


Federal Workers’ Compensation

If a federal employee is injured while attempting work that he or she is scheduled to do for his or her employer, that employee may be entitled to what we refer to as federal workers compensation benefits.

SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance


Social Security Disability Insurance

Actually, less than half (39 percent) of the 2.1 million workers who applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits in 2005 were approved.

VA Disability


Employment Discrimination

It is important you know about your anti-discrimination rights. I am proud to be in the business of protecting those rights because I think my work discourages those who might otherwise hope to take advantage by abuse, threats, or retaliation.

FERS Federal Disability Retirement vs. OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation


Veterans Affairs Disability

Are you a former military service member who has a service-connected injury or Illness? We can help you with your VAD appeal.

FERS Federal Disability Retirement vs. OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation


Personal Injury

Have you been injured at the fault of someone outside of work? Our team is uniquely experienced in helping injured federal employees.