What is an OWCP Schedule Award?

A schedule award is one of the three benefits available to injured employees under OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation. A schedule awards is a payment for a permanent impairment to a body part that is listed on the OWCP Schedule.

Financial Support

How much does it pay?

The amount a schedule award pays will vary based on your assigned impairment rating from your doctor. This lump-sum payment is based on the OWCP Comp Rate, multiplied by the number of weeks of pay for the injured body part in the OWCP schedule, multiplied by the percentage of impairment to the injured body part.

Impairment Rating

If you qualify for a schedule award, then you will be compensated based on your impairment rating. This rating will be assigned by your doctor in accordance with the AMA Guide 6th Edition. In order to receive an impairment rating, then your injury must be at Maximum Medical Improvement.

Maximum Medical Improvement

Your doctor will determine when you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement. This means that your injury is no longer expected to improve, even with additional medical treatment.

OWCP Comp Rate

OWCP pays compensation at 66 2/3% of your pay rateif you have no dependents or at 75% if you have at least one dependent.

Full Schedule

The table below lists the current assigned value, in weeks of pay, for each body part on the schedule.

Based on a 100% Impairment Rating


312 Weeks


288 Weeks


244 Weeks


205 Weeks


205 Weeks


205 Weeks

Vulva, Vagina, Uterus or Cervix

205 Weeks

Larynx or Tongue

160 Weeks


160 Weeks

or Lung

156 Weeks


75 Weeks

1st Finger

46 Weeks

Great Toe

38 Weeks

2nd Finger

30 Weeks

3rd Finger

25 Weeks

Other than great toe

16 Weeks

4th Finger

15 Weeks

One ear

52 Weeks

Both ears

200 Weeks


52 Weeks


52 Weeks

Include fallopian tubes

52 Weeks

Note: If the injured body part is not on the schedule, then you are not entitled to an award.

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