Refer Your Federal Employees to Us!

We would like to earn your referral of any federal employees that you come into contact with!

Our firm represents federal employees nationwide in many different contexts:

  1. Assume you have a federal employee come in to see you for a personal injury case. If they were about the business of their federal job at the time they were injured they may also have an underlying federal workers comp case. You might need our help in;
  • helping them with the workers comp case, or
  • maybe you need our help in dealing with the federal government’s lien against your personal injury case, or
  • maybe in planning the workers comp benefits (and the lien) in such a way as to maximize their benefits in the personal injury case.
  1. Assume the federal employee is having difficult performing their job due to a medical or emotional condition (the condition does not have to be caused by work activity). They might qualify for an occupational disability benefit which would provide them an annuity until the age of 62 – and they would be allowed to work in some other, non-government job at the same time they draw the disability benefit!
  2. Assume the federal employee is having employment problems- such as wrongful termination, suspension or discrimination.

We strive to earn you referrals with a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate legal team that is made up of attorneys, Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultants (ChFEBC), paralegals, legal assistants and other skilled professionals. We have full malpractice insurance and an excellent reputation for quality work.

We know that federal benefits and federal employment law can be a challenge for attorneys who do not regularly deal with these cases-

Even attorneys who handle state workers’ compensation cases often are not aware of the distinctions between it and federal workers compensation law. Rather than spending your valuable time and resources on this, allow our team to manage these claims for you.

We make a special effort on cases sent to us by attorneys. We report back to you the progress of the case – whether or not we can take the case, our results, what fees we collect.

To learn more about how we can assist, simply call or contact us online today.