Federal Employee Unions

Legal assistance for union members

We have a deep respect for federal employee unions and appreciate the vital role these organizations play in protecting the rights and interests of their members.

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How We Serve Unions

Our goal is to educate and assist union members interested in FERS Federal Disability Retirement benefits and OWCP Federal Workers’ Compensation benefits. Understanding these complex topics in vital to protecting their future.


Our firm can speak at local meetings, national conferences and hold special virtual workshops tailored to address the unique concerns of each union. We cover:

1. Federal Employee Benefits for Injured Workers
2. Eligibility & Qualification for each benefit
3. Benefit Interactions & How to Maximize benefits


Our firm has established agreements with several federal employee unions that allow us to discount our legal services to their members. These services include legal assistance with filing a claim, building a strong application to meet the requirements of each program and necessary appeals.

Current Union Agreements

As a national law firm focused on federal employee benefits, our lawyers and chartered federal employee benefit consultants are sought after for assisting federal employees with their benefits claims. Here are the current unions taking advantage of our expertise.


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