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Not long after joining his father’s law office in 2002, Bo Harris had an experience that inspired his vision for Harris Federal Law Firm. More than 10 years later, that vision—to help federal workers nationwide earn disability and retirement benefits—is a reality. Harris and his staff have secured millions of dollars in awards and benefits for thousands of injured and disabled federal employees all across the country.

It all started when an injured postal worker and family friend approached Bo and his father, Brad. His father was primarily focused on personal injury cases and did not handle any federal disability work at that time.

“When I started looking into federal employee benefits and learning more about it, I was sympathetic to his plight, and to the plight of other federal workers just like him,” Bo Harris recalls. “There were thousands of federal employees who couldn’t find anyone to help them. They weren’t getting the federal benefits they needed to live.”

Earning A Prestigious Accreditation

Determined to help those employees, Bo took the reins of the firm’s federal disability practice. He and other members of the firm spent years learning the federal system through research, training and hands-on experience.

“We have literally spent over 10 years becoming knowledgeable on these subjects,” Bo says.

Bo even earned accreditation as a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC). To earn that prestigious designation, professionals must have successfully completed an intensive training course and passed a rigorous examination on all federal employee benefits.

“We absolutely love working with federal employees,” Bo says. “We get a great deal of satisfaction out of it – and we take our job seriously. We know our clients are depending on us to give them sound advice that is right and makes sense for their particular facts. Our ChFEBC accreditation shows our commitment to them.”

Coast To Coast Federal Benefits Practice

The firm has grown from a regional operation with clients in the Lexington, KY area, to a national presence that uses the Internet to reach potential clients from coast to coast. Bo is very proud that Harris Federal Law Firm, has successfully represented federal employees in all 50 states. The strategy has been so successful that Brad Harris has also almost completely transitioned out of his personal injury practice and into federal disability work.

That commitment has allowed Harris Federal Law Firm, to emerge as a leader in federal employee benefits and disability cases.

Even as the firm has transitioned to a national client base, the goal of serving the needs of federal workers remains unchanged. Bo Harris and his staff take great satisfaction in helping federal employees and veterans overcome government red tape and get their much-needed benefits.

“The good thing about their benefits programs is that they’re long-term benefits,” Bo says. “Whenever you get a federal employee approved, you’re securing their future. It’s emotionally very rewarding for us because we really make a difference in our client’s lives.”

The success of Harris Federal Law Firm, in helping its clients is reflected in the large number of referrals the firm receives from satisfied former clients.

A Dedication to Local Charities

In addition to helping federal disability clients, the firm has a deep commitment to the community. Harris Federal Law Firm, holds quarterly volunteer days when all employees lend a hand to Lexington-area charities, including the Ronald McDonald House for children with cancer.

“We’re growing and we’re helping more people every day,” he says. “It’s been a great journey.”

Thank you for your hard work. I would like to thank the Harris Federal Law Firm for all of their support and all of the wonderful people who helped me win my disability retirement.

C.H. – Miami, Florida

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Director of Operations
As the son of founding attorney Brad Harris, Bo Harris joined the firm in 2002 and is committed to helping federal employees as a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant (ChFEBC).
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