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Grant Ostrander joined Harris Federal Law Firm, in 2006, but his relationship with the Harris family extends back to childhood. He and Bo Harris, the firm’s senior federal claims representative, have been close friends since they were children. When they were in high school, both Grant and Bo worked part-time in the law office of Bo’s father, Brad.

At age 18, Ostrander moved to California, where he obtained an emergency medical technician license at Long Beach City College and met his future wife, Kendall. Meanwhile, his friend Bo was working full-time in his father’s firm and building a thriving federal disability practice. When Bo needed help at the firm, he called Grant and asked if he’d be interested in joining his business back in Kentucky. Ostrander agreed and today considers it one of the smartest decisions he’s ever made.

After joining the firm, Ostrander handled the intake and evaluation of all disability cases and was also in charge of disability retirement cases, which then were only a small part of the firm’s practice. Disability retirement cases are matters involving federal civilian employees who have suffered injuries or illnesses and who can no longer meet all of their job requirements. The more of these cases he handled, the more Ostrander saw them as a growth area for the firm.

“I started doing more and more research as we went along, putting new systems into place that improved efficiency, and it’s now become our number-one area of business,” he says. “We’ve gone from doing 10 or 15 a year when I started, to doing about 250 a year now.”

Grant is a now a Charted Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC).

In addition to providing a steady flow of work, Ostrander says, these cases also provide a great deal of personal satisfaction as well.

“Usually, applicants need the money badly,” he says. “They might be out of work, they might be on limited-duty status, but generally they’re not working full-time or getting a full paycheck. So they’re already stressed on money, let alone the injury or pain they’re dealing with.”

“It’s most rewarding when you get something for somebody who is on the verge of major catastrophe in their life if they don’t get it.”

Ostrander applies that same commitment to serving society in other ways. Along with other employees in the Harris Federal Law Firm, he volunteers in a variety of community charitable endeavors and also occasionally travels to Nicaragua, where he volunteers at an orphanage.

In his spare time, Ostrander enjoys spending time with his family, playing the guitar, running, fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking.

Thank you for your hard work. I would like to thank the Harris Federal Law Firm for all of their support and all of the wonderful people who helped me win my disability retirement.

C.H. – Miami, Florida

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Director of Disability
Joining Harris Federal Law Firm in 2006, Grant Ostrander is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultant (ChFEBC) who has helped many federal employees with their federal disability retirement claims.
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