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What Are Clients Saying About Harris Federal?

Federal employee disability retirement lawyers are here to serve

The most rewarding part of our work at Harris Federal is when we learn that one of our clients has secured the federal disability retirement benefits they deserve.

During the process of seeking benefits, we get to know every one of our clients on a personal level. We care about them, and we care about their case. This is why it is so rewarding to know that our hard work has paid off for the client, and we have been able to make a positive difference in his or her life.

It is also very satisfying when our clients take the time to provide our firm with a testimonial about their experience of working with us.

It is good to know how we helped a client to overcome difficult circumstances, and that our clients appreciated the effort and attention to detail that we put into the case. It is also good to know that our client felt that he or she was treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism.

An Example of a Client Testimonial

For example, “B.D.” from Brick, New Jersey, recently provided us with a testimonial in which he described how he had filed for disability retirement benefits on his own in 2010. However, his agency within the Department of Homeland Security failed to file required forms to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and would not reply to requests from OPM.

After being contacted by OPM numerous times about the issue, B.D. reached out to Harris Federal.

“From the time I made my initial inquiry to the time my application was approved, I was kept in the loop with almost weekly e-mails or telephone calls,” B.D. writes. “If I made any inquiries, I was contacted within the same business day, and the staff of Harris Federal was willing to answer my questions in detail. I never would have been able to navigate the OPM application on my own.”

B.D.’s case had been unusually complex and difficult, causing it to take a longer amount of time before approval. The majority of federal disability retirement benefits cases we handle are approved within 12 months.

It took four years of going through reconsiderations and resubmitting documents to OPM, but in the end, we were able to obtain an approval of B.D.’s application for disability retirement benefits.

“I would recommend Harris Federal to any federal employee who is going to file an application for disability retirement,” B.D. concludes. “Whether it takes months or, in my case, four years, the legal fee is money well spent for peace of mind and excellent service.”

We sincerely appreciate this vote of confidence from B.D. and from all clients who have provided our firm with testimonials throughout the years.

Share Your Experience with Harris Federal

If you would like to share your experience with Harris Federal with other federal employees, please feel free to leave us your own testimonial.

It’s easy. Simply describe:

  • Why you contacted Harris Federal
  • How we assisted you
  • What result we achieved for you
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  • Any other information you would like to share.

You can e-mail your testimonial to Harris Federal at mail@harrisfederal.com.

Your feedback is very important to us. By describing your experience, you can help others to learn more the process of seeking disability retirement benefits. You can also help them to get a clearer picture of what they can expect when they contact Harris Federal.