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Archive: OWCP Stress Claims



Federal Employee Benefits during COVID19

“We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times.” By now, you have likely heard this ad nauseum, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are collectively concerned about the future. Whether it be a volatile economy, furlough fears, or the spread of a novel virus, we are all concerned about how the…

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Stress is defined by Oxford Living Dictionaries as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” It’s found in every part of life, good or bad—marriage, divorce, working with others, doctor appointment, etc. An eligibility requirement for federal disability retirement is having a medical condition (injury or illness)…

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Stress is found in every workplace, home, relationship, and part of life in general. One of the requirements for qualifying for federal disability retirement is having a medical condition that disqualifies you from performing useful and efficient service. Meaning, that you cannot perform the essential duties of your job. Knowing this, can stress be a…

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When most workers file a workers’ compensation claim, their state law usually dictates that his employer’s workers compensation insurance company pay for his attorney fees.  The state law typically limits the fees for the claimant’s attorney which, of course, has some effect on limiting the time the attorney will work on the file. This is…

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What is a ‘situational’ disability? Will I still be approved for Federal Disability Retirement if I have one? In order to qualify for Federal Disability Retirement, you must meet certain criteria. One of those being your disability must be keeping you from being efficient at your current essential job duties. So having a disability that is ‘situational’…

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owcp stress claims

Q & A with Attorney Leah Bachmeyer Kille on OWCP Stress Claims Recently, Harris Federal hosted a webinar about OWCP stress claims, which are federal workers’ compensation claims attributed to a mental or emotional condition. The webinar was a great success, and we were pleased to receive so many follow up questions pertaining to the…

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