Federal Disability Retirement For Law Enforcement

Jul 27, 2022

It’s critical to understand the unique requirements that can help Law Enforcement Officers qualify for Federal Disability Retirement. In this webinar you’ll see how those requirements can help you earn more income and gain additional creditable years of service. All while allowing you to find a new job in the private sector.

Federal Law Enforcement Officers are considered special provisions under the federal government which allows them special benefits including security clearances and maybe even the ability to carry a firearm. However, these positions are often hazardous and have mandatory retirement ages due to the dangerous nature of these jobs.

If you find yourself unable to continue working in your law enforcement position, Federal Disability Retirement may be the best option for you. Federal Disability Retirement allows you to continue to earn creditable years of service until age 62 even if you have a mandatory retirement age before then. You will also have the ability to find a new job in the private sector, continue your federal health and life insurance, and you will earn a secure monthly annuity on top of that.

Watch this webinar to learn all about Federal Disability Retirement for law enforcement officers!