How Much Will I Get Paid On Federal Disability Retirement?

Sep 2, 2021

One of the most important questions to ask when considering Federal Disability Retirement is “How much will I get paid?”

This is why we have created a downloadable PDF that gives an overview of the Federal Disability Retirement annuity calculation and explains how to figure out what your High 3 Average is.

Your annuity will be calculated based on your high 3 average. Your high 3 is your highest 36 consecutive months of basic pay. To find an estimate of your high 3 you can contact your HR office or look at your highest SF50 forms.

The first year after approval for Federal Disability Retirement you will receive 60% of your high 3. Every year after that, until age 62, you will receive 40% of your high 3.

Example Federal Employee

John is an example federal employee that we have created in order to better help you understand how to calculate your annuity payments. We walk you through his High 3 average, creditable years of service and even his medical diagnoses.

Download our PDF now and use John’s example annuity calculation to figure out how much you could receive on Federal Disability Retirement!

Keep in mind that there are many benefits available while on Federal Disability Retirement that can provide financial security in addition to your annuity payments.

If you have any questions regarding your payments or are interested in applying for Federal Disability Retirement, contact our office today!