Protecting Your Financial Future with Federal Disability Retirement

Aug 30, 2021

Many federal employees are fearful about their future because of injury or disability. They know they can’t continue to work in their current job but are holding on as long as they can. If you identify with this, then this webinar is for you. President, Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant, Bo Harris, will walk you through the Federal Disability Retirement benefit and show you how it can help you find the financial security you need.

Federal Disability Retirement provides four main benefits that can completely change your life;

  • A secure monthly annuity based on your high-3 average
  • Creditable years of service until age 62
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • The ability to work in the private sector

A lot of federal employees have no idea Federal Disability Retirement even exists, and because of this, the application process can be confusing for you and your agency. But your financial future should never be put at risk.

We understand how scary it can be to feel like you have no options for your future, but we are here to take that weight off your shoulders.

Don’t wait until retirement. Learn how your benefits can help you… NOW.