Top Five Websites For Federal Workers

Feb 3, 2016

FERS federal workers

There are an abundance of resources for federal workers, but finding the best options can be overwhelming. At Harris Federal, we decided to simplify the process, and outlined some of our favorite websites for federal workers.

Top Five Websites for Federal Workers

1) For Shopping Discounts: GovLoop’s Downloadable Guide

Who doesn’t love saving money? GovLoop, a social media site for federal workers, scoured the web for some of the best deals and discounts for government employees. Their downloadable guide is free, and contains 75 discounts for federal workers, which cover a wide shopping spectrum from retail, travel and restaurants to automotive deals. It’s definitely worth checking out!

2) For News: FedSmith

There are so many news sources out there for federal workers, but FedSmith is one of our personal favorites. The website is constantly updated with original content provided by writers and professionals with expertise in the federal sector. Whether you want to learn more about federal pay, benefits, retirement or just current events in general, FedSmith serves as a great resource. Bo Harris, a chartered federal employee benefits consultant (ChFEBC) at Harris Federal, has written several articles for FedSmith about FERS disability retirement. Click HERE to read some of his articles.

3) For a Doctor Who Understands the Federal System: FedDoctor  

Federal and state workers compensation are very different, and it can be difficult to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about the federal system. This is where FedDoctor comes into play. This free resource connects federal workers in need of medical care to doctors who have a thorough understanding of the Department of Labor’s Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) and Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) procedures. The doctors listed on the site assist federal workers with the medical care and documentation they need for a federal workers’ compensation or federal disability retirement claim. Regardless of how severe your injury or condition is, having the right doctor can make your federal claims process less stressful, which is especially important for while you recover.

4) For General Reference: OPM Reference List

The federal government isn’t exactly known for its brevity. Some notices and memos from your employing agency can be downright difficult to understand. OPM provides this handy list to outline specific terms and concepts that may come up during your federal tenure.

5.) For Information About Benefits: Harris Federal Webinars

Admittedly, we may be biased, but we are very proud of our training webinars. Over the years, we’ve come to realize many federal workers are unaware they are entitled to certain benefits. Our webinars serve as a free training resource for federal workers to learn more about their benefits, and the process required to secure them. You can sign up for our upcoming webinars through our resources tab on our website, and you can also stay updated on upcoming webinar topics by signing up for our free newsletter.

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