Where You Can Find Harris Federal This Fall

Sep 17, 2014

Federal employee disability retirement

The legal team at Harris Federal Law Firm has a busy schedule in store for fall 2014. We will be speaking at seminars on federal disability retirement benefits and honing our skills and knowledge on a variety of other topics at events across the country.

Here’s where you can find us in the coming weeks:

National Organization of Veteran’s Advocates (NOVA) Fall Conference

September 17 to September 20

Bo Harris will head to Orlando for the NOVA Fall Conference. The event is designed to help legal professionals increase their knowledge and confidence in representing veterans before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We have been members of NOVA for several years.

National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) Chapter 73 Training Seminar

October 15

Bo Harris, Brad Harris and Grant Ostrander will be in Covington, Kentucky, to speak at a training seminar for NTEU Chapter 73. We will be educating their stewards and officers on the basics of federal disability retirement benefits. Our firm proudly offers discounted legal services to members of NTEU, which represents more than 150,000 federal employees in 31 federal agencies and departments.

National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) Fall Seminar

October 17 to October 18

Leah Bachmeyer Kille will attend the NELA Fall Seminar in Washington, D.C. We are proud members of NELA, the largest organization in the country that is comprised of lawyers who represent workers in labor, employment and civil rights disputes. The topic of the seminar is, “Representing Federal Employees: Navigating a Complex Landscape.” It will focus on strategies for navigating regulatory, procedural and substantive laws that impact federal employees.

Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG) Annual Convention

October 26 to October 30

Bo Harris, Brad Harris and Grant Ostrander will be in Santa Barbara, California, attending the WILG Annual Convention. The event will feature seminars on a wide range of legal issues affecting injured and ill workers and their families. We are members of WILG, a nationwide network of lawyers who focus on assisting workers with obtaining medical care and other relief through workers’ compensation programs.

Harris Federal is thankful to be able to travel the country to learn about federal benefits and to educate federal employees on their rights and options. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to help those who have dedicated their careers to serving our country, and we look forward to continuing to travel and educate federal employees in the future.


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