Celebrating A Big Win: How Our Team Brought Home a Major Schedule Award

Mar 9, 2023

Excited woman winning schedule award

We’re thrilled to announce that Harris Federal has won a major schedule award case totaling over $450,000 for a VA worker who was injured while catching a falling patient. This is a huge victory not only for our firm, but also for all federal employees working towards improving their benefits and workplace safety.

Our client was on duty as a VA nurse practitioner assisting with patient care when the patient began to fall off the table. She caught the patient, injuring her lower back, left shoulder, and left hip.

After years of surgeries, treatments, doctors, and constant pain, it was declared that our client had reached maximum medical improvement.

She had been working tirelessly in the federal government for over 15 years and was now unable to continue her duties as a nurse.

That’s when Harris Federal stepped in. We worked on her behalf to fight for the full compensation she was due as a result of her injury and losses. In October 2021 an impairment examination indicated our client had a lower left extremity injury rated at 64%, a lower right extremity injury rated at 13%, and a left upper extremity injury rated at 12%.

These reports were questioned by an OWCP District Medical Advisor who requested a second evaluation. After providing an explanation to support our client’s ratings, the District Medical Advisor held firm on wanting a second opinion. A second evaluation was performed by an OWCP recommended doctor which reduced the impairment ratings.

With diligent research and unwavering determination, we were able to provide compelling evidence in support of our client’s initial ratings. Our efforts paid off as the District Medical Advisor ultimately favored the original ratings. We never gave up on our client and their deserved benefits, proving that perseverance and advocacy can make all the difference in achieving justice.

In December 2022, a $455,997.60 schedule award was granted to our client for a lower left extremity injury rated at 64%, a lower right extremity injury rated at 13%, and a left upper extremity injury rated at 12%. This is a massive schedule award that will have a significant impact on our client’s well-being.

Her experience in the federal government and with OWCP is not uncommon. That’s why we fight so hard for our clients, and why winning this case was such a huge victory for us.

She is now receiving the compensation she deserves, to provide her with the financial security she needs. On behalf of all of us at Harris Federal, we congratulate our client on her victory and thank everyone who helped make it possible. We’re proud of the work we get to do every day.

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