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Back Injuries

Back Injury
There is a considerable amount of lost productivity in the workplace every year due to back injuries. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that more than 600,000 employees suffer a back injury every year.

This type of disability can result from repetitive movements over long periods of time or continual stress on muscles and skeletal structure until pain or restriction of movement becomes acute. A disabling back condition may also result from a single incident such as improperly lifting an item or attempting to lift an item that is too heavy for even a strong back to support.

In many cases, a back injury can take the form of a nagging, dull ache. Sitting in a chair day after day working on a computer can have cumulative negative effects on the muscles, tendons and ligaments, weakening them and leading to constant aggravation.

If you have suffered a back injury that keeps you from performing the duties of your normal job assignment, you may suffer from a medication condition that qualifies you for federal disability retirement benefits.

Contact Harris Federal to learn more about this benefit and how our highly dedicated staff can assist you with documenting your claim. We serve federal workers throughout the country. Our consultations are always free.

Common Causes for a Back Injury

It may help you to have a better understanding of how back injuries occur. The following are typical causes:

  • Lifting or moving a heavy object that cannot be supported by the back, putting too much stress at one time on the back muscles and structure
  • Repetitive movements, such as bending and standing, for a period of time, which can cause injury when the muscles become overly fatigued
  • Poor posture on a regular basis, leading to muscle fatigue and injury
  • Slips or falls, including falls from heights or same-level falls
  • Whole-body vibrations, such as those experienced by truck drivers and industrial vehicles
  • Degenerative factors due to age, overuse or repetitive movements that wear down the supporting muscles and skeletal structure of the spine.

How Can Back Injuries Prevent You From Doing Your Job?

If you suffer from a back injury, you should seek treatment that may include bed rest or placing reasonable limits on your activity. However, this does not apply to serious injuries that are accompanied by loss of bladder or bowel control, overall weakness, fever or weight loss. You may be able to gradually increase activity and even engage in moderate exercise until you are able to do more.

More serious back injuries may require surgery. Your recovery could take weeks or months. Some injuries will prevent a return to complete normalcy – especially at work. For instance, a back injury may prevent you from doing some of your job duties or your entire job if it requires constant sitting, lifting, bending or standing.

We Help Federal Employees with Back Injuries

At Harris Federal, we can assist you if a back injury is preventing you from doing your federal job. You may be entitled to benefits that could significantly change your life for the better. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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