Common Federal Employee Injuries

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Epicondylitis

Carpal Tunnel Injury

One of the most common repetitive motion injuries sustained by today’s workforce is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Your median nerve was designed to pass through your wrist in a canal in the wrist. Overuse of your upper extremities can cause the nerves running through your wrists into your hands to become entrapped by the inflamed tendons in your wrist. It is extremely painful and can cause very limited motion in you hands and impair your ability to do your job or any job activities.

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Epicondylitis is usually categorized based upon its location; lateral or medial. It is is another common repetitive motion injuring that is occurs from overuse of the elbow. The condition typically includes pain between the elbow and the wrist due to the entrapment of either the ulnar or the median nerve. A common symptom is the decrease in the extensor tendons which allow a person to grasp things in their hand.

Testing to help identify the nerve damage is called EMG/NCV testing. In this testing an electric impulse is transmitted down the nerve and the speed of the transmission is determined in order to note slowness or interruptions.

Your employer may try to prove that your CTS or epicondylitis was not caused by your employment. Your claim needs to be supported with objective medical evidence and your treating doctor’s opinion.

Residual impairment of the use of the extremity can qualify for a federal workers compensation schedule award.

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