Veterans’ Health Administration: Navigating Federal Disability Retirement

Jun 5, 2023

Veterans' Health Administration Federal Disability Retirement

Applying for Federal Disability Retirement from the Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA) can be a difficult process. This article will provide an overview of the process and offer some tips on how to improve your chances of success. Veterans’ Health Administration employees are encouraged to read this post and share it with anyone who may be thinking about applying for disability benefits.

What Is the VHA?

The Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA) is the federal agency that provides healthcare to veterans and their families. It is America’s largest integrated health care system with over 1,200 health care facilities serving over 9 million veterans each year.

The VHA also works on research studies, educational programs, and initiatives that support veterans in mental and physical health care needs.

This agency is imperative to millions of veterans each year; however, some employees may find themselves unable to continue working due to an injury or illness. Working at the VHA and caring for patients can be both physically and mentally taxing, so what can VHA employees do if they find themselves unable to continue working?

How Can You Apply for Federal Disability Retirement From the VHA?

Federal Disability Retirement is a benefit available to federal employees that allows them to retire early due to an injury or illness. The application process can be strenuous, and it is recommended to obtain legal representation.

To apply for Federal Disability Retirement from the VHA you will have to fill out the SF 3112 Documentation in Support of Disability Retirement, in addition to other documents. The 3112 form plays a crucial role in your application, as these forms will provide the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) with all of the necessary details regarding your background, medical condition, agency information and employment history.

Our firm will walk you through each part of the 3112, taking the weight off your shoulders and ensuring you get the benefits you deserve as we know how overwhelming this form can be. For the VHA, all sections of the application must be filled out prior to submission. We will work with you and your agency to request sections B and D and ensure all parts are filled out correctly.

Your application will then be submitted to the VHA Retirement Shared Service Office (RSSO). A claims examiner will review your application for completeness and request anything additional that is needed. All applications must be considered complete prior to 30 days, or they will close the claim, which is why it’s so important to have assistance through this process! After your application is “complete” the RSSO will forward your application to a representative at the National Finance Center (NFC) before being sent to the OPM for finalization.

What Are the Benefits of Federal Disability Retirement?

Applying for Federal Disability Retirement from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) offers many benefits and advantages. While on Federal Disability Retirement you will receive a secure monthly annuity, creditable years of service until age 62, the option to maintain your health and life insurance, and the option to go work in the private sector. The ability to retain your benefits and remain financially secure even after leaving your federal agency is unparalleled.

Reaching out for help is an important step on this journey to reclaiming life outside of the federal government, so don’t hesitate! It is highly recommended that applicants take the proactive steps necessary to ensure a successful application, like reaching out to an experienced Federal Disability Retirement Lawyer.

Let our federal lawyers take the weight off your shoulders and secure the benefits you deserve. Contact our firm today.

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